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Feel The Winter Breeze On Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland Event

Posted 10th December 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    142 Views

Feel The Winter Breeze On Overwatch's Winter Wonderland Event - Tipify

Nothing makes you feel the holiday festivities coming faster than the annual game holiday events, and Blizzard is not likely missing out on creating events to celebrate the occasion. So, here we are with Overwatch’s holiday rendition of the returning Winter Wonderland event starting on December 12.

Winter Wonderland Skins, Game Modes, Decorated Maps, and More

“There’s snow place like home,” Blizzard announced the event in a post. In Winter Wonderland, all platforms—PC, PS4, and Xbox One—can play on the icy-cold world next week. The highlights of the event will be the addition of new legendary skins. The most sought-after Hanzo skin, from the comics, will be included and Junkrat and Roadhog are set to receive skins as well. We’re assuming both heroes will have Christmas-inspired skins to match the holiday season as well.

Furthermore, to feel the holidays in-game, maps will be decorated as such. Maps from the event, Hanamura and King’s Row will be returning and can be played on and the Black Forest map will be designed with the holiday spirit as well.

The new thing about Winter Wonderland is the addition of a game mode called Mei’s Yeti Hunt. If you’re looking for a fresh and light game mode, then this might just hit the spot. The mode will have five Meis teaming up against a lone Winston sporting a Yeti skin in an all-out battle. These seasonal brawls are a good way to chill and relax with your friends. You can choose to play Winston or be one of the Mei’s—all for the fun.

If you’re looking to buy legendary skins, last year’s event skins will have marked-down prices. You can buy Jingle Tracer and fYeti Winston for 1000 credits from the original price of 3000. Buy these discounted skins and treat yourself this holiday season.

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