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University Of Akron Opens Its Esports Varsity Program For Current And Upcoming Students

Posted 28th December 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    214 Views

University Of Akron Opens Esports Varsity Program - Tipify

In the United States, different universities and colleges are buying in on the growing esports industry as another university creates its own esports varsity program, complete with housing and scholarship for its eligible students.

University of Akron esports varsity team

The University of Akron in Ohio officially embraced the esports culture and has organized a varsity esports team for 35 gamer students along with an esports university club.

UA is the first university to create this program in Northeast Ohio. The university structured its varsity program similar to a sports varsity team, complete with tryouts, uniforms, and practice sessions. In addition, the students accepted on the esports team are granted a scholarship and housing furnished with gaming computers.

It’s worth noting that the esports program will not only benefit the students but also the university. In which the president of UA, Matthew Wilson, became interested in esports because it “allowed the university to continue attracting top students.” While also “providing an innovative pathway for students to flourish academically, socially, and professionally.” The university president added.

League of Legends team

The University of Akron started their esports varsity program in producing a Hearthstone, Rocket League, and League of Legends teams. Furthermore, the university students are more than willing to support its new varsity team. Their engineering and computer science students volunteered to build the computers and help set up the necessary equipment for the campus esports arena. Also, their communications undergrads can cast during the live games, the graphic designers were given the task to make the uniforms and logos, and lastly, the students in health majors will work with the varsity team as trainers and nutritionists.

Betting on college esports

So, as more colleges and universities join the esports community, there are a total of 45 varsity teams launched across the US, and there will be more esports betting and entertainment options. One good thing is that the Big Ten Network—a channel dedicated to college sports coverage—has created a College League of Legends tournament where 10 colleges already entered the league and will compete to claim the title as the top League of Legends college team in America.

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