eSport betting tips: If in doubt, Tipify it! Closes Out Year With 3rd Summit Win

Posted 23rd December 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    133 Views Closes Out Year With 3rd Summit Win - Tipify ended 2017 on a positive note as they claim the record of winning The Summit 3 times in a row. As we’re nearing The International 8 once again, the Russians have proved themselves to be one of the top Dota 2 teams. In addition, VP holds the number 3 spot in Dota 2 team rankings.

Three-Peats In Esports

3-peats are almost impossible to achieve in esports, it seems. One example is in League of Legends World Championship this year, where SKT had the opportunity to do so after reaching the finals for the third straight year, but could not close it out. Ironically, they were even swept by their opponent. SKT is a top League team and earned success in the Worlds twice in a row already. But for VP, they’ve achieved the seemingly impossible challenge as they won the same tournament series thrice, which on paper, looks to be tougher.

Virtus’ The Summit 8 Overview

During the Summit 8, VP literally cruised through the tournament. They finished the group stages with a 6-0 win-loss record. Because of that, they automatically advanced to the semis where they faced Team Kinguin. But then again, they dispatched Kinguin without breaking a sweat and achieved another sweep to reach the finals. Moving onto the finals round, SEA team Fnatic had to go through OG to advance to the finals. In which, they did so after a troubling semis series.

The grand finals reached 4 matches with Fnatic taking only one win against VP, which classifies as a Gentleman’s sweep. In which, Virtus’ players showed astounding performances during the series that Fnatic could not keep up with. On the third game, 9pasha unleashed 15 kills on Shadow Demon, a support hero. Also, on the final game, RAMZES666 didn’t allow Fnatic to get a run with an onslaught performance with Broodmother getting 14 kills in 26 minutes, which helped him to complete a build comprising of a Mask of Madness, BKB, and Eye of Skadi in about 25 minutes.

VP just earned 150 Pro Circuit points easily heading to 2018, helping them make a run to make The International 8 yet again. The Russians had a good year, after winning ESL One 2017 in Hamburg, joining the MDL in Macau and placing 3rd, and also placing second in Major, Adrenaline Cyber League.

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