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Wednesday Esports Tournament Preview: CS:GO And Dota 2 On Tap

Posted 20th December 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    263 Views

Wednesday Esports Tournaments Preview: CS:GO & Dota 2 - Tipify

We have finished all the major and premier tournaments of the year, but it doesn’t mean there won’t be any esports events to watch and place bets on. There are still ongoing qualifying minor tournaments for CS:GO and Dota 2. Find out which match is perfect for your betting preferences.

CS:GO tournaments today

LOOT.Bet Cup 2

The European minor tournament is in its playoff stages and a spot at the cs_summit 2 will be secured along with a $150,000 cash prize for the top CS:GO team. Here are the matches today:

Red Reserve (2.70) vs. HAVU (1.43) @ 14:00 UTC
Heroic (1.23) vs. Pride (3.91) @ 16:00 UTC
Sprout (2.50) vs. AVANGAR (1.50) @ 19:00 UTC

Douyo CS:GO Asia Invitational #2

The invitational tournament kicked off its second season and it showcases Asia’s best CS:GO teams competing against one another. You can find some profitable betting options in this tournament! There are 3 best-of-three matches today, so it’s time to clear your schedule and make some bets.

5Power (1.26) vs Red Wolf (3.55) @ 8 UTC
ROAR (2.47) vs. B.O.O.T-d[S] (1.48) @ 11 UTC
Mineski (3.11) vs. Recca (1.32) @ 12 UTC

DaddySkins Western League

DaddySkins is an offline European tournament where we will recognize 12 teams taking part in the competition. Nonetheless, the North Academy is one of the headline teams to catch in the two-month long tournament. The tourney uses a double-elimination format, that is why the matches today will be played twice:

Epsilon (2.79) vs ALTERNATE aTTax (1.40)
ALTERNATE aTTax (1.34) vs Epsilon (3.05)
Movistar Riders (2.23) vs Tricked (2.38)
Tricked (1.53) vs Movistar Riders (2.38)

Dota 2 tournaments today

StarLadder i-League Invitational Regional Qualifiers

The minor tournament organized by StarLadder opens on February 2018, and now it is on its regional qualifying stage. We will see which teams advance to the main tournament. We’ve got European and CIS regional qualifying matches today.

EUR Region: Team Singularity (1.76) vs Double Dimension (2.09) @ 22:00 CET
CIS Region: Team Spirit (1.37) vs Gambit Esports (3.15) @ 18:00 CET

ESL One Genting 2018 Regional Qualifiers

The ESL One 2018 will be held in Genting, Malaysia. But before getting to the main tournament, we need to know which teams will advance. We’ve got three regions with 4 matches today.

SEA Region Qualifiers

TNC (1.10) vs 496 Gaming (7.18) @ 17:00 SGT
Execration (1.57) vs GeekFam (2.42) @ 17:00 SGT
HappyFeet (1.31) vs Boom ID (3.62) @ 20:00 SGT
Fire Dragon (2.42) vs Clutch Gamers (1.57) @ 20:00 SGT

European Region Qualifiers

OG (1.06) vs Final Tribe (4.36) @ 17:00 CET
mousesports (1.76) vs PENTA Sports (2.08) @ 17:00 CET
Planet Dog (1.30) vs Evil Corporation (3.27) @ 22:00 CET
Team Kinguin (1.18) vs Team Doggie (4.38) @ 22:00 CET

CIS Region Qualifiers

Effect (2.86) vs Spirit (1.38) @ 17:00 MSK
Natus Vincere (1.06) vs Whites (7.56) @ 17:00 MSK
Team Empire (1.06) vs sQreen’s Squad (7.56) @ 22:00 MSK
Gambit Esports (1.76) vs Vega Squadron (1.97) @ 22:00 MSK

We pull out all the odds and times for you for hassle-free betting. Spend some time placing tips and predicting which teams will get the win on the aforementioned matches.

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