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Weekend Tournament Results: ECS 4, Dota Summit 8, SuperLiga & More

Posted 18th December 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    170 Views

Tournament Results: ECS 4, Dota Summit 8, SuperLiga & More - Tipify

What a weekend! Keeping up with those esports tournaments were kind of tough, right? Recently, we witnessed ECS for CS:GO and the DOTA Summit for Dota 2. Here, you’ll find out if you got your picks right and if you’ll take home the winnings last weekend’s tourneys.

CS:GO: ECS Season 4 Finals, ESL Winter, and Minors

For the CS:GO tournament side, FaZe took home the ECS Championship and the $250,000 top cash prize against mousesports after winning the best-of-three finals series. FaZe is looking to redeem its team after losing to SK in the EPL 6 and proving they are the number one CS:GO team.

In the ESL Meisterschaft Winter 16, aTTax took home the win after sweeping DIVIZON in a best-of-three series.

In the Australian tournament, AOC CyberGAmer Pro League 2017, Athletico won over Parallax while LOOT.BET Nations Elite continues on with the group stages.

Dota 2: DOTA Summit, Pro DOTA Cup, and H-Cup

The Dota 2 tournament arena features The Summit in Los Angeles, which capped off the tournament as Virtus Pro taking down SEA team Fnatic in 3-1 series. The offline tournament rewarded $120,000 and 150 PCP to VP and $60,000 and 90 PCP for Fnatic.

The Chinese tournament, H-Cup 8 finished as VGJ.Thunder wins the tournament championship after taking down Invictus Gaming, 2-1.

Also another Chinese tournament, Pro DOTA Cup is not yet finished and will continue its group stages. The current team leaders are EHOME and iG.Vitality for Group A and SunGaming and Newbee for the Group B.

League of Legends: SuperLiga ABCDE 1

The lone LoL tournament for the weekend has its finals match ready. After the semis, ProGaming Esports took down TeamOne to enter the Finals. Also, INTZ Esports won over PAIN Gaming to advance to the finals. The two teams go head-to-head on December 24 and the winner will be crowned as the tournament champion.

Overwatch: Nexus Cup

The Overwatch tournament, the Nexus Cup finished as the series went to its full length of 7 games. But, it was X6-Gaming who reigned as the champion against Team KongDoo Panthera.

As the year is about to end, these will be the final Major or Premiere tournaments for all the Esports. However, you can still expect minor tournaments and Country-hosted tournaments you can place wagers on.

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