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Weekend Tournament Results: ESL, ROG Masters, LoL All-Stars, and OWL Preseason

Posted 11th December 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    450 Views


Weekend Tournament Results: ESL, ROG Masters, LoL All-Stars, and OWL Preseason

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The past weekend was filled with action-packed tournaments. Hence, we will talk about each tournament and the highlight moments, along with the crowned champion of each competition. Getting on with the results, there’s one thing we can promise you. There were a few upsets and of course, dominating teams who squashed their opponents and emerged on top.

ESL 6, ROG, GES, and AEM

The CS:GO community was bombarded with four exciting tournaments during the weekend. Wherein the ESL Pro League 6, ROG Masters 2017, Gfinity Elite Series, and the Australian Esports Masters all opened their playoff stages where new teams were crowned as tournament champions.

  • ESL 6 closed as SK Gaming overwhelmed FaZe after winning 3 straight games and winning the ESL tournament, along with a $225k prize.
  • ROG Masters CS:GO division, ended with the dominating Gambit winning the tournament’s first place with an unscathed record. Also, tournament favorite Splyce, ended its trip to Asia early, as they bowed to TyLoo during the quarterfinals.
  • The finals series of the GES capped with new champions, Epsilon. The Swedish team swept Team Endpoint during the Finals.
  • The Australian tournament, AEM, finished with both Group B teams meeting at the Finals. But, Corvidae proved to be the better Australian team after taking down SSU.

ROG Masters and MDL Macau

Both Dota 2 tournaments were held in Asia. But, the major tournament MDL’s finals, were met with the European team, OG and Philippine team, TNC. At the end of the day, OG took home the $130k cash prize along with 150 Pro Circuit Points. Meanwhile, in the ROG Dota 2 division, Team Empire claimed the win after stretching the series to 5 games against OpTic Gaming.

Overwatch League Preseason

The new Overwatch tournament brought back more interest to the game again with its new spectator-friendly additions. The jersey skins helped distinguish players better along with the team-colored abilities, so players would easily identify which ability came from who. Switching over to the eventful preseason games of the Overwatch League, the 3-day slate was dominated by Seoul Dynasty (3-0), Dallas Fuel (2-0), and LA Valiant (2-0). Although this might be just tune-up games, it gives viewers a rough estimation of the team’s performance before the League opens in January 2018.

League of Legends All-Star Event 2017

The annual star-studded event featured new formats that introduced tournament style 5 vs 5 games with brackets. And also, the new tournament, 1v1. For the 1v1 tournament, it was carry player for RNG in the LPL region, UZI, who won against NA’s Bjergsen to claim the championship trophy. Furthermore, the 5v5 tournament showcased Chinese teams, LPL and LMS for the right to be called as the All-Star champion. Even though both regions failed to win the World Championships yet, they showed they can still go toe to toe with the big guns. One of the many notable moments of the finals series was during the Game 3, when the game broke a record for the longest match ever, lasting for 80:01 minutes. But their series stretched for a total of 6 hours game time after the very close 5th and deciding game of the All-Stars event was won by the Chinese, LPL Team. It was also a celebratory win for the Chinese, as Uzi won the 1v1 tournament and the 5v5 tournament.

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