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The Best CS:GO Skins Of 2017

Posted 6th January 2018 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    515 Views

The Best CS:GO Skins Of 2017 - Tipify

Before the first week of 2018 ends, we want to share a rundown of our favorite skins of 2017. Last year was filled with impressive competition as teams gave their best and showed that they are true esports athletes. This time though, we focus on the aesthetic part of the game which is a huge part of esports.

The skins feature come from three cosmetic weapon cases released in 2017. The list includes the Spectrum Collection, Spectrum Collection 2, and The Operation Hydra Collection. The cases had the usual lineups of the rare items, but the red and pink tiers are standout skins that plenty of CS:GO players are guaranteed to be fond of.

Below are the best weapon skin releases from Spectrum, Spectrum 2, and Operation Hydra cases–all drawn from 2017 cosmetic weapon cases.

USP-S | Neo-Noir – The Spectrum Collection

The silenced pistol is one of the glamorous included skins of the year. It’s in pink, purple, and sky blue colorway all worked fittingly together. Neo-Noir is priced at $265 at Factory New.

AK-47 | Bloodsport – The Spectrum Collection

The AK-47 Bloodsport is most attractive for anime-designed skin fans because of its futuristic aesthetics and style. Other than that, Bloodsport is also one of the two red AK’s released this year, in which it’s priced at $180 Factory New.

M4A1-S | Leaded Glass – The Spectrum 2 Collection

The stunning and glassy appearance of the M4A1 from Spectrum 2 looks more like a work of art than a weapon due to its abstract elements and glassy look. You can grab one of these at $40 a pop in Factory New.

AK-47 | The Empress – The Spectrum 2 Collection

The Empress became the next most expensive AK behind the Fire Serpent priced at $767 Factory New. The key here is the glowing queen or ‘The Empress” wearing a crown, which makes the gun stand out and gaining an elite status.

PP-Bizon | High Roller – The Spectrum 2 Collection

Bizon is a popular troll weapon and this skin seems to make that activity much more fun for some players. The High Roller that has poker chips for ammunition, which blends well with the gun’s reputation. The weapon is priced at $44 at Factory New.

Five-SeveN | Hyper Beast – Operation Hydra

The only pistol that was included in the Hydra case is priced at $190 in Factory New. The distinct part of Hyper Beast is the pink dragon placed on top of a green background.

AWP | Oni Taiji – Operation Hydra

The Hydra case is well-associated with demon symbols. This particular AWP skin is themed with a samurai battling a demon. Oni Taiji is priced at $277 in Factory New.

Kyle-Tipify Staff

Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff