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The Best League of Legends Skins Of 2017

Posted 7th January 2018 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    280 Views

The Best League of Legends Skins Of 2017 - Tipify

Before the first week of 2018 ends, we want to share a rundown of our favorite skins of 2017. Last year was filled with impressive competition as teams gave their best and showed that they are true esports athletes. This time though, we focus on the aesthetic part of the game which is a huge part of esports.

God Fist Lee Sin

We have chosen this skin not just because of its monetary value that represents its worth—the skin is worth 1,820 RP—but also the effort that the design team put into it. The detail that they gave this skin is comprehensive. It’s not just a different clothed champion, but it feels like it has its own Lee Sin character. God Fist Lee Sin is very different from the normal Lee Sin in terms of abilities, movement, and idle animations. The skin also sports its own voice lines. Every detail has been taken cared of, and it came out perfectly.

Arclight Yorick

2017 gave The Shepherd of Souls a new skin after six long years. And it was created to perfection. We decided to include this skin among the other Arclight skins in Varus, Vel’Koz, and Vayne because Arclight Yorick is among those included and since the skin has its own custom abilities and recall animation, along with its own sound effects, it’s pretty hard to pass up this long and overdue skin for Yorick.

Moo Cow Alistar

Joke skins are what makes League fun and entertaining to play and watch. Playing the game doesn’t always have to be serious all the time. If trolling and joking around makes the game fun more fun for some, then you should be able to do so too. Well, that’s why Moo Cow Alistar is part of the list because other than the fun cow one-piece pajama the skin has, it has a cowbell emote that you can spam to troll your enemies while walking down the lanes.

Pulsefire Caitlyn

It took 5 years for Riot to release another Pulsefire skin after introducing the lone Pulsefire Ezreal, and League fans were ecstatic about the new addition to the Pulsefire series. The skin did not disappoint. Riot gave Pulsefire Caitlyn her own voice over, different animations in abilities and in different stances. Not only did this skin took Ezreal’s spot as the best Pulsefire skin, but also took the spot in the best skins of 2017.

SKT1 Skins

As you would know, every year after the Worlds, Riot creates skins dedicated to the Worlds Champion of the year. And the past Worlds skins have been pretty simple as the usual changes include glasses, shoes, and the like. But this year was different as Riot changed the way they made the Worlds skins completely. In fact, SKT1 were also part of the designing process and it shows that these are the skins that they would be proud of.

Kyle-Tipify Staff

Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff