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ELEAGUE Major: Boston Quarterfinals Preview

Posted 23rd January 2018 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    282 Views

ELEAGUE Major: Boston Quarterfinals Preview - Tipify

As mousesports grab the final spot to advance to the playoff stages of the ELEAGUE Major over Space Soldiers, it marked the ending of the major tournament’s elimination round. The New Champions Stage opens on January 26th and the matchup draws were revealed after all the matches finished. We’ve got an exciting playoff series coming up where all matches are best-of-three. The stakes continue to get higher because if a team loses, they pack their bags and head home, kissing their championship dreams goodbye. Here are the 4 quarterfinal matches provided by NitrogenSports, perfect for placing bets and predictions.

ELEAGUE Major: Boston Quarterfinal Matches:

mousesports (+218) vs FaZe (-294)
QB Fire (+475) vs Na’Vi (-787)
Cloud9 (+163) vs G2 (-214)
Fnatic (+203) vs SK (-272)

Gambit and Astralis Goes Home Early

As you can see from the quarterfinal matchups, tournament favorites Gambit and Astralis did not qualify for the playoffs of the major. If you remember the early predictions for the tournament, Astralis was tagged as heavy favorites with 6.00 odds behind SK’s 4.20 odds. For Gambit, the European team won last year’s ELEAGUE Major and is considered as the dark horse team to win this year’s major. But, Gambit could not find the same consistency and performance that led them to multiple wins a year before.

QBF: A Make Happy Story or are they a threat?

On the other hand, Quantum Bellator Fire surprised everyone with their performance in the tournament. QBF continued their surge after qualifying to the playoff stage when everyone thought they were going to be eliminated during the early stages of the tournament. In fact, QBF ended the New Legends Stage with a 3-1 standing, a win against VP, Gambit, and mouz, and suffered their only loss to G2. Although to advance to the semis, the team needs to jump over a hurdle that is FaZe. Will QBF continue the upset win streak and take down tournament-favorite FaZe? Or will the happy story of the team end once FaZe dominates QBF?

Get ready!

Finally, a FaZe-SK finals match is a possibility as both teams are in different brackets. Who do you think will make the finals and win the first CS:GO major tournament of 2018? Prepare your wagers and predictions because this is about to get heated.

Kyle-Tipify Staff

Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff