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ELEAGUE Major First Week Round-Up

Posted 15th January 2018 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    256 Views

ELEAGUE Major First Week Round-Up - Tipify

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If you missed the first week of the ELEAGUE Major, you can still place predictions and bets on the remaining matches of the New Challengers Stage. The qualifying round opens Round 4, which has 6 matches slated today. In fact, these final games promise high levels of intensity because of the risks involved. Teams are now juggling positions and are clawing their way for the final six spots to advance to the next stage.

Before getting to the matches, let’s round up the first week of the major CS:GO tournament. Cloud9 and G2 Esports claimed their New Legends Stage seats as they finished all of their matches undefeated. Meanwhile, the middle teams, Vega Squadron, mousesports, Natus Vincere, Team Liquid, Space Soldiers, FaZe Clan, AVANGAR, Team EnVyUs, Misfits, Quantum Bellator Fire, Renegades, and Sprout are the remaining teams with a shot to claim the last six spots to advance to the New Legends Stage. Lastly, Flash Gaming and FlipSid3 Tactics are eliminated from the tournament.

100 Thieves drops out of ELEAGUE

The Brazilian team of kNg, HEN1, LUCAS1, fnx, and BIT debuted as a new CS:GO team in the ELEAGUE major. But due to Visa issues, 100 Thieves were forced to forfeit their slot in the New Legends Stage. This opened up another slot for New Challenger teams to qualify for. Teams that finished the stage with a 2-3 record will undergo a deciding best-of-one match for the remaining slot in the New Legends Stage.

Round 4 Matches

There’s still time left to place bets on the ELEAGUE and the tournament continues today with 6 matches that are listed below. Moreover, you can place predictions through our Tipster page which gives you a chance to enter the “New” Tipster Competition.

Round 4 Low Matches

Game 1:AVANGAR (+141) versus Misfits (-182)

  • +/-3.5 spread
  • 1st round winner: AVANGAR (-107) Misfits (-119)

Game 2: Renegades (-178) versus Sprout (+138)

  • +/-2.5 spread
  • 1st round winner: Sprout (-109) Renegades (-117)

Game 3: QBF (+226) versus EnVy (-308)

  • +/-4.5 spread
  • 1st round winner: QBF (+103) EnVy (-133)

Round 4 High Matches

Game 1: Liquid (-133) versus Vega (+103)

  • +/-2.5 spread
  • 1st round winner: Vega (-112) Liquid (-114)

Game 2: FaZe (-251) versus Na’Vi (+189)

  • +/-3.5 spread
  • 1st round winner: Na’Vi (-101) FaZe (-127)

Game 3: SS (+188) versus mousesports (-250)

  • +/-3.5 spread
  • 1st round winner: SS (101) mousesports (-127)

Kyle-Tipify Staff

Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff