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ELEAGUE Major: New Challengers Stage Opens Today!

Posted 12th January 2018 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    245 Views

ELEAGUE Major: New Challengers Stage Opens Today! - Tipify

The first CS:GO Major Tournament of the year kicks-off today and begins the New Challengers Stage. In which, a new tournament format is presented and will have the offline qualifiers played at the ELEAGUE Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. Although the matches will be closed to spectators, you can still watch it through the many live streaming websites out there. Like most esports tournaments, betting is open for this part of the tournament as well.

ELEAGUE Major Format

The major tournament features 24 teams fighting over a $1 million prize pool. Each team goes through 3 stages, the first one being the New Challenger Stage. This stage will last three days, from January 12 to 15.

The top 8 teams will proceed to Boston to play the second stage, The New Legends Stage. Similarly, only the top 8 teams can advance to the final stage, the New Champions Stage. This will be played in best-of-three matches and serves as the tournament’s playoff stage. The final stage is where it gets exciting because the last 8 teams remaining will compete for the Legend status and the cash prize.

ELEAGUE Major Futures

Before we get to the Round 1 matches of the New Challenger Stage, we go over the futures odds of the attending teams to win the ELEAGUE Major: Boston in the table below:


If you notice, top CS:GO team, FaZe Clan is the favorite to win the tournament. Meanwhile, FaZe will have to jump through hoops to win this year’s ELEAGUE Major. The European team is placed in the New Challengers Stage, where they would need to advance at least two stages to be able to enter the final stage. But, if there’s one thing we learned from FaZe, is that they are determined to win and they won’t go down without a fight. Here’s a glimpse of the tournament odds derived from NitrogenSports.

First day matches:

Round 1:

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