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Esports Tournaments You Can Catch This Weekend

Posted 5th January 2018 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    143 Views

Esports Tournaments You Can Catch This Weekend - Tipify

After a long week of rendering work overtimes or cramming history lessons to ace a final test, the weekend is now for the taking. It is a time to relax and enjoy, after the week you’ve been through. But of course, you’re here for esports. So, if you’re looking for the major tournaments going on about the realms of CS:GO, LoL, and Dota 2 then here’s a compilation of competitive tournaments that you wouldn’t want to miss this weekend.

CS:GO Tournaments For The Weekend

ESEA Season 26 Premier Finals

The tournament is heading to the Global Challenge stages with the top eight teams contending for a $50,000 prize pool. On Saturday we can place bets and predictions on the group stage matches up to the decider match. On Sunday, bets will be open for the semi-finals and the ESEA Season 26 Grand Challenge Grand Finals.

ESL Pro League Season 6: Europe Relegation

ESL Pro League resumes the Relegation segment for the Europe region. You can predict or place wagers on the first match of Natus Vincere (1.571/-175) vs Space Soldiers (2.350/+135).

ESL Pro League Season 6: North America Relegation

Similar to the ESL Pro League Europe Relegation, the North America region will also have its qualifiers. You can bet on the first match of the tournament, GX(2.093/+109) vs Rogue (1.713/-140).

Dota 2 Tournaments For The Weekend

Captain’s Draft 4.0

The first Dota 2 minor tournament of the year opens its playoff stages on Friday, then followed with the crowning of the tournament champion on Sunday. So be ready to place your predictions or bets to avoid missing out on the action.

The Bucharest Major: China Qualifiers

PGL’s first tournament of the year, The Bucharest Major is finding out which teams will qualify for the grand finals with an online qualifier. China started its regional qualifying matches earlier this week. Who do you think will make the top 16 teams that advance to the grand finals of the Major tournament in March?

LoL Tournaments For The Weekend

Demacia Cup

We’ve got the huge Chinese tournament about to enter its playoff stages on Saturday. We’ve got the top LoL teams competing here too that can surely convert your bets or predictions into something good.

League of Legends Greek Championship Season 3

If you’re looking for a minor League of Legends tournament that you can predict or bet on, then the LGS Season 3 is perfect for you. If you’re looking to take your predictions to the next level, you can give NitrogenSports a go and bet on the matches’ first blood, over/under total kills, and other interesting betting options.

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