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3 Questions For FaZe, SK, Liquid, And Gambit Heading To Round 3 Matches

Posted 21st January 2018 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    261 Views

3 Questions For FaZe, SK, Liquid & Gambit Heading To Round 3 -Tipify

Before the Round 3 of the ELEAGUE Major: Boston New Legends Stage begins its matches today, let’s talk about a few of the team’s storylines that advanced to the major tournament. The teams included here left questions about their performance entering the New Legends Stage. Hopefully, these questions will be answered after their performance in the tournament.

Is FaZe still the team to win the first major of 2018?

Before the season started, futures odds logged FaZe as the favorites to win the ELEAGUE Major: Boston. But, to do that, the European team would have to jump through hoops. FaZe struggled in the early parts of the Main Qualifier, being a Challenger team. Then, they barely got past Lopes-less Liquid and lost to Vega on their signature maps. Is this FaZe being too overconfident or are these signs of not being in their best shape? For what it’s worth, those two matches became wake up calls for FaZe. After the early struggles, they won their final matches to advance to the New Legends Stage.

SK and Liquid: not in their full lineup

Both of these teams do not have anything in common, except attending the tournament without their best possible lineup. SK was forced to attend the tournament with their former player, felps who has to step in for boltz because of ELEAGUE’s roster rules. Similarly, for Liquid, steel cannot play for while zews takes his place.

People counted both teams out of contention. Because felps and zews lacked practice time with their teams. Both are good players and doubting the players sounds silly. The doubt only comes from the fact that both teams, especially SK, changed their strategy during last year’s tournament which helped them win 8 majors. Hopefully, these questions will be answered once we see the two teams compete.

Can Gambit defend its ELEAGUE Major title?

Gambit is always a threat among the top CS:GO teams. They’re considered as the dark horse to win the tournament. In which, they’ve made their roster better entering the year with the addition of fitch and AdreN that makes them a team that can create a surprise in the tournament. Last year, Gambit beat G2, Virtus.Pro, and Astralis on their way to winning the PGL Major: Krakow. Gambit is listed with 16.50 odds to win the ELEAGUE Major. Will this be enough for the Legend team to upset top CS:GO teams?

Kyle-Tipify Staff

Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff