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Flash Gaming Takes TyLoo’s Spot In The Boston Major

Posted 10th January 2018 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    248 Views


TyLoo will no longer compete at ELEAGUE’s The Boston Major because of roster issues. Taking the team’s slot is Chinese team Flash Gaming, who are ready to take on the challenge of playing against CS:GO giants.

Flash Gaming as the first Chinese and Malaysian roster to attend a Major

Flash Gaming placed third in the Asian Minor tournament behind TyLoo and Renegades, which is why they were selected to take the vacant spot left by TyLoo. As a result, Flash’s roster of YuLun Cai or ‘Summer’, YuanZhang Sheng or ‘Attacker’, Andrew Khong or ‘kaze’, Zhe Yang or ‘Ayeon’, and ‘Weijia’ Guo or ‘INNOPY’ became the first Chinese and Malaysian players to attend a major tournament with a prize pool of $1 million.

Peacemaker and stickers

TyLoo deciding to give up their Boston Major spot first started when Hansel Ferdinand—a TyLoo player—or mostly known by his ingame name, ‘BnTeT’ failed to acquire a U.S. visa. The team struggled to look for a replacement player because of ELEAGUE roster rules. Eventually, their former head coach Peacemaker, became the suitable replacement for BnTeT. Unfortunately, TyLoo and Peacemaker failed to reach an agreement in payment negotiations that the Chinese team chose not to attend the event.

Apparently, BnTeT was given a player sticker even if he was not joining the tournament. In which Peacemaker asked for a percentage of all TyLoo sticker sales as part of his demands to become a stand-in player for TyLoo because his own player sticker was not included. Consequently, TyLoo opted to miss the tournament than to send Peacemaker and their team to the event.

TyLoo stickers worth

Since Flash Gaming took TyLoo’s seat at the ELEAGUE Boston Major, Valve removed all TyLoo stickers from their stores and replaced them with Flash Gaming stickers. Now, TyLoo’s stickers became an instant rare item ingame that had a huge increase in price. Before the withdrawal from the event, TyLoo’s stickers were priced at $0.99 but now valued between $100 to $300. With this in mind, if you’re holding those stickers in your inventory, you can choose to sell these through the Steam market for a high price or place them on a wager in any of the CS:GO matches ongoing right now.

Kyle-Tipify Staff

Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff