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Learning The CS:GO Game Modes

Posted 28th January 2018 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    561 Views

Learning The CS:GO Game Modes - Tipify

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has several game modes that you can play online and offline. Invite your friends to join you and fight off terrorists or counter-terrorists. As the Boston Major finishes today and crowns the champion, we can take a quick break from the heated battles and play quick rounds on CS:GO. But, how do we do that without knowing the different game modes we can choose from?


From the name itself, you can gather that it’s a match where all players attempt to kill one another until one player remains. To be more accurate, it is a team deathmatch and players are divided into terrorists or counter-terrorists. You can set-up your own weapons or let the game do that for you. The ultimate goal of the mode is to kill the opposing faction until you meet the required number of kills. One good thing about this mode is when players die, the respawn points change on the map.

Arms Race

Arms Race is a fun game mode for beginners. It is similar to Deathmatch, except the difference lies in the weapons changes as you get kills. The weapons rotate until, in the last round, players are left with a knife. If you can get a kill using it, then you win the arms race mode.


This game mode is the one played during competitive CS:GO tournaments and matches. Teams of 5 players are divided as counter-terrorists and terrorists. Although, players who die during the round will not respawn until the next round starts. To win in Demolition, there are two options for each team. If you’re playing the terrorist side, you can either kill all opposing players or plant the bomb and successfully detonate it. Meanwhile, if you’re playing the counter-terrorist side, you can either kill all opposing players and if the bomb is planted, you need to defuse it before it detonates.  After 10 rounds, the teams switch sides and to win, you have to be the first team to win 11 rounds.


Casual has the same format as Demolition, but the teams can have as many as 10 members. So, it is a 10 versus 10 match with the goal of rescuing hostages or stopping a bomb. Map choices vary as well.

Sometimes taking a break from CS:GO predictions and betting is good, and these CS:GO game modes offer refreshing experiences. You’d surely feel a lot better once you can start placing more wagers and predictions again. Stay tuned as we’ve got a lot of esports matches lined up for you this week.

Kyle-Tipify Staff

Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff