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NA LCS Best And Worst Cases For The Predicted Top-5 Teams

Posted 1st January 2018 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    195 Views

NA LCS Best And Worst Cases For The Predicted Top-5 Teams - Tipify

League of Legends is back. With the start of the North American League of Legends Championship Series (NA LCS) this coming January 20, we will have more betting options for League. As the tournament schedule was released, we look into the five best teams based on early future odds.

Online betting site, Betspawn logged tournament favorites, Team Solomid to win the championship with 2.70 odds. The next gunner is Team Liquid with 3.00 odds, then CLG with 7.00 odds, newcomer 100 Thieves has 12.00 odds to win the NA LCS, and ending the top five would be, Cloud9 with 13.00 odds.

With these future odds in mind, we take a closer look at each of the team’s roster and determine their chances by analyzing the best case and worst case scenarios at the NA LCS.


C9 will be matched up against CLG on opening day, and the team’s performance revolves around Impact and Svenskeren aggressive playing style.

Cloud9’s Best Scenario: C9 won’t struggle to play next to Licorice and their Korean coach, Reapered will gel properly with a roster of Americans.

Cloud9’s Worst Scenario: Licorice and Svenskeren won’t find the playing style too aggressive and the team folds out of the tournament early.

100 Thieves

100 Thieves, one of the new teams that were added to the revamped format of the NA LCS—a franchise funded by NBA team, Cleveland Cavaliers, along with former CoD player, Nadeshot. Will Nadeshot’s new venture be any success compared before? 100 Thieves go up against Optic Gaming for their debut match in the NA LCS on opening day.

100 Thieves Best Scenario: The new team overcomes Dignitas and makes it to the finals.

100 Thieves Worst Scenario: Ryu will not meet the performance viewers and teammates expect from him, which causes 100 Thieves to drop out of the playoffs.


Counter Logic Gaming opens its season and will face Cloud 9. CLG was busy during the offseason as the team made a shocking move after trading Aphromoo and replaced him with Reignover. In which the new leader will need to find a way to survive the loss of Aphromoo.

CLG Best Scenario: CLG’s new roster continues its stride and makes the playoffs.

CLG Worst Scenario: Reignover struggles to carry his new team and especially without Aphromoo, and won’t make the playoffs.

Team Liquid

Liquid’s new lineup made its mark as a ‘superteam’. With all five players having Worlds experience from their past teams and failing to advance to the playoffs will be shocking. However, their weakness may be seen when a star-studded lineup doesn’t find the perfect way to gel together because of overpowering ego and habits, which we usually discover in superteams in traditional sports.We will have to wait for the opening of the NA LCS to know whether Liquid is really the super team they are as they look like on paper.

Team Liquid Best Scenario: The costly roster pushes their potential and they win the NA LCS.

Team Liquid Worst Scenario: Things don’t go their way and Liquid goes home earlier than expected.

Team Solomid

TSM is another team that went through huge roster changes. Only two members—Bjergsen and Hauntzer—from the former lineup remain. In addition, a new coach will be coming in as well. SSONG is a veteran coach that brings experience from coaching in different regions and that hopefully fixes the team’s communication issues.

Team Solomid Best Scenario: TSM get through the group stages to advance to Worlds with the help of the veteran members, Bjergsen and Hauntzer.

Team Solomid Worst Scenario: If their best scenario doesn’t pull off, you might as well root for the team next year.

Kyle-Tipify Staff

Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff