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Thursday Matches Preview: Letou Invitational & Bucharest Major Qualifiers

Posted 4th January 2018 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    370 Views


Today is filled with plenty of esports entertainment opportunities that make it a perfect betting moment. For FPS fans, the CS:GO tournament, Letou Invitational opens today. And for the MOBA fans, you might be more interested in betting on The Bucharest Major China Qualifiers as we get ready for the tournament’s grand finals happening in March.

Letou Invitational Season 1

In this CS:GO online tournament in China, only 6 teams were invited to play. The teams attempting to win the 80,000 CNY are Flash Gaming, MVP PK, New4, People’s Red Wolf Gaming,, and Vici Gaming. The first-day matches are:

Get your predictions and bets ready because this month is filled with many CS:GO tournaments to come. Prepare for the upcoming tournaments, WESG 2017 and ELEAGUE’s The Boston Major.

The Bucharest Major China Qualifier

The Valve Major tournament is kicking off its qualifying stage starting with the China Qualifier. The teams should take this seriously because qualifying for the grand finals of the tournament features a prize pool of $1 million with 1500 Pro Circuit Points. The teams who joined the China Qualifier are, EHOME, Invictus Gaming, iG Vitality, Keen Gaming, LGD Gaming, VGJ.Thunder, KeenGaming.Luminous, and Eclipse. The opening day matches of the qualifiers are:

Like the abovementioned, get ready for the upcoming Dota 2 tournaments this month as the Galaxy Battles II, ESL One Genting 2018, and the StarLadder Invitational 4. It’s worth noting that if you’re looking for more betting options, the StarLadder Invitational 4 Qualifiers will start on January 9th.

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