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Valiant, Spitfire, Dynasty, And Excelsior Dominates Overwatch League Week 1

Posted 16th January 2018 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    182 Views


Valiant, Spitfire, Dynasty, And Excelsior Dominates OWL Week 1 - Tipify

OWL Week 1 Results

The first week of the Overwatch League launched successfully. On its first day, its viewers hit over 300,000 on Twitch. To put it in context, a CS:GO and Dota 2 major tournament a playoff match peaks at around 100,000. In hindsight, maybe Blizzard’s opening day free coins giveaway for their Overwatch players helped. But, 300,000 viewers in a regular season match is no joke.

Going into the results of Week 1 matches, it is the predicted futures leaders who dominated the league. Valiant, Spitfire, Dynasty, and Excelsior have not lost a match and have 2-0 win-loss records. The next teams in the middle that have 1-1 records include Uprising, Gladiators, Shock, and Fusion. Lastly, the current teams in the bottom of the standings are Outlaws, Fuel, Mayhem, and Dragons all have yet to win a game in the league.

Los Angeles Valiant is the current number one team in the league who finished Week 1 without any match or round losses. Valiant ended the week with its record unscathed. Although, Dallas was the closest to knock down Valiant after getting a draw on the second map of their match. Whereas its co-leaders, Spitfire, Dynasty, and Excelsior all lost on a map in their two matches in Week 1.

Week 2 First Day Matches

San Francisco Shock (+249) vs Philadelphia Fusion (-342)

Both Overwatch teams have 1-1 in win-loss records. In which, they need to win this game if they want to go up to the standings. Fusion is the match favorite to win with -342 odds and the Shock as underdogs against +249 odds.

Florida Mayhem (+1214) vs Seoul Dynasty (-6667)

Mayhem is looking for its first season win against the Dynasty. But they would have to work for it as they are the match underdogs with +1214 odds against the Korean league favorites with -6667 odds.

Shanghai Dragons (+376) vs Houston Outlaws (-571)

Both of these teams have yet to win in the league and obviously, one team will exit the match with a victory. The Outlaws are underdogs against +376 odds and the Dragons with -571 odds as the match favorites to win.

Kyle-Tipify Staff

Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff