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VGJ.Thunder Sweeps EG At Galaxy Battles II

Posted 22nd January 2018 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    292 Views

VGJ.Thunder Sweeps EG At Galaxy Battles II - Tipify

The Galaxy Battles II: Emerging Worlds capped off the premier tournament on a good note as the Chinese team, VGJ.Thunder, won its first-ever franchise premier tournament after crushing the fan-favorite team, Evil Geniuses, in a best-of-five grand-final stage match with the score, 3-0.

Galaxy Battles II: Grand Finals

To secure a spot in the grand-finals, VGJ had to take out Team Spirit in a best-of-one match as they were sent to the lower bracket after losing their Winner’s Finals match against EG in the second day of the tournament. In which, VGJ was swept in the latter matchup, as they could not find an answer to EG’s unorthodox strategy and lineups.

However, the grand finals was different. VGJ denied EG any hope of coming back in all three games, after controlling every aspect of the match with better drafts and bans, proper shot-calling, and dominating team fights. VGJ was the overall better team in the Galaxy Battles II grand finals.

VGJ was overlooked as a legitimate threat in the tournament. But, the Chinese underdog roster of Kamma, Fade, Sylar, Yang, and Ayo entered every match with confidence killer instincts. It is true that VGJ did not receive Pro Circuit points with the win, but taking down one of NA region’s top Dota 2 team EG, is a big achievement. Also, they take $200,000 home as the champion.

ESL One Genting 2018

For the Galaxy Battles runner-up, Evil Geniuses looks to redeem themselves at the ESL One Genting as they are set to attend the minor along with VGJ. Thunder. But, the competition in the tourney is filled with top teams compared to the Galaxy battles lineup; hence, a more competitive stage for the runner-up. The competitors include, Team Liquid, Newbee, Team Secret, Vici Gaming, Na’Vi, and more.

The minor tournament features a prize pool reward of $400,000 and 400 Pro Circuit points for the top 4 winners. With that in mind, ESL One is a high-stakes tournament that can lead a team to TI8. We’ve got the first day matches provided by NitrogenSports below where you can place bets and predictions. The first match starts tomorrow at 4 AM UTC.

Group A bracket Day 1 matches:

Group B bracket Day 1 matches:

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