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Wednesday Esports Tournaments Preview: CS:GO, Dota 2 & LoL

Posted 3rd January 2018 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    267 Views

Wednesday Esports Tournaments Preview: CS:GO, Dota 2 & LoL - Tipify

We’re going back on normal schedule as the major and minor tournaments are about to open soon. This week, you can catch Dota 2 Captain’s Draft, CS:GO’s ESEA Season 26 Grand Finals, and League’s Demacia Cup. Start your year right with the many esports events and use our tips to help you place wagers safely.

Captain’s Draft 4.0

The first Dota 2 minor commences on January 4th to the 7th in Washington, DC. The tournament is hosted by Valve themselves and offers a $300,000 prize pool along with 300 Pro Circuit Points. Captain’s Draft 4 will feature known Dota 2 teams like, Secret, OG, coL, and Vici—who dominated last year’s finishing tournament, The Summit.

First day matches that you can bet on

ESEA Season 26 Premier Finals

Before we get to the tournament’s Grand Finals, we have to figure out which teams from qualifying regions will advance. So, the final two teams for Europe and NA are set and whichever CS:GO team wins their respective matches, that will be the team to advance to the ESEA 26 Grand Finals. The final qualifying matches can be seen below.

Europe Qualifiers

North America Qualifiers

League of Legends Demacia Cup

The first LoL tournament of the year is the Demacia Cup, hosted by Tencent Games, a part owner of Riot Games. Demacia Cup boasts a 1.2 million CNY prize pool, which converts to about $180,000, remains sought-after by international and local LoL players. We can place wagers on to Korean League teams including, Team WE and EDward Gaming are among the shoo-ins. Take a look below to see the first day matches.

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