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100 Thieves Discards CS:GO Roster

Posted 1st February 2018 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    232 Views




New to the esports scene, the North American franchise 100 Thieves, drops its CS:GO roster composed of former Immortals players. And before deciding the motion, the team already pulled out of upcoming CS:GO qualifying tournaments in IEM Katowice and StarLadder i-League Season 4 because their roster was short of one player.

kNgV Sacked From Lineup

After waiving their Legends spot in the ELEAGUE Major: Boston due to “visa issues”, the franchise released kNgV from their roster. The Brazilian player continued his bad behavior after several issues from his former team, Immortals. This time, kNgV sent a homophobic and offensive tweet to analyst and writer, Duncan Shields. Going back to his days playing for Immortals, he was also responsible for a death threat made to another player in a different Twitter post and arriving late for their grand finals match at DreamHack Montreal last year, causing the team to forfeit the first map to their opponents. Additionally, a couple of days after kNgV’s discharge from the team, his teammates were also given the axe by their organization.

100 Thieves Future In CS:GO

The Cleveland Cavaliers-backed organization decided to stop competing in any CS:GO tournament this year. According to the official statement by 100 Thieves, “roster complication and ongoing visa issues” were the reasons behind the withdrawal from the CS:GO scene. As a result, the Brazilian players plan to continue competing, only this time without kNgV. LUCAS1, HEN1, fnx, bit, and their coach are planning to find a new organization that will give them the opportunity to live in the United States and take part in major and minor CS:GO tournaments.

Lastly, 100 Thieves and the Brazilians left no dispute after the roster drop. Both sides wished each other luck on their new endeavors. CEO of 100T, Nadeshot wished all the players the best in a Twitter post. Bit, after announcing the  CS:GO team plans to move forward without kNgV, also revealed that the infamous player has his own upcoming projects and that “[kNgV] don’t deserve any of this hate” and to “let the guy be happy”.

What happens to the qualifiers?

Rise Nation took 100 Thieves’ spot at the StarSeries qualifiers. But according to a similar report, finding a replacement team was unlikely for the IEM Katowice. Moreover, the qualifiers for the IEM Katowice began earlier this week where teams advancing to the main event get a chance to win the $500,000 prize pool. Whereas the StarSeries includes a $300,000 and the main event opens this month as well.

Kyle-Tipify Staff

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