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Against All Odds: Being An Underdog Means Nothing To QBF

Posted 4th February 2018 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    154 Views

Against All Odds: Being An Underdog Means Nothing To QBF - Tipify

CS:GO team Quantum Bellator Fire conceived one of the best storylines of the ELEAGUE Major: Boston. Coming out of LAN minor tournaments in Russia, they qualified for the first major of the year after finishing in second place at the CIS Minor Championship 2017 next to co-Challenger, AVANGAR. QBF, as tournament underdogs, defied all odds and earned a Legend seat in one of the biggest tournaments of the year. Their Cinderella story was the major’s happy narrative while QBF reaches a milestone of its own.

Underdogs? Not today

For those who don’t know, QBF is a sister team to the primary organization, Quantum Bellator. The new team joined the open qualifiers of the CIS Minor and dominated. After earning their New Challengers slot, they competed in Atlanta to continue advancement to the tournament. QBF placed eight on the qualifying stage and sustained their wonderful streak at the New Legends Stage. They shocked the tournament after beating Virtus.Pro and Gambit on their way to a 3-1 win-loss record, which earned them a direct and their first Legends spot on a major tournament. Despite being underdogs, they showed that they can compete with some of the toughest CS:GO teams. Lastly, during the playoff stage, they faced with a much tougher Natus Vincere team and it was evidently their last match at the Major as they couldn’t hold on against the sturdy European team.

Losing to the playoff stage against Na’VI shouldn’t demean the huge accomplishment the team achieved themselves. In the process, they earned new fans, they became a part of history after having their own stickers in-game, and lastly, they boosted up to become one of the top 30 CS:GO teams.

QBF on new heights

Quantum Bellator Fire is on the rise. With their lenient management, a team that treats each other like a family, and incredible and victory-hungry players elevates QBF to even more. All in all, this ascending CS:GO team should always remain on your radar as one of the teams that can upset and defy all odds.

Kyle-Tipify Staff

Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff