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LoL’s Newest Champion Revealed: Kai’Sa, Daughter Of The Void

Posted 25th February 2018 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    253 Views

LoL’s Newest Champion Revealed: Daughter Of The Void - Tipify

The 140th champion of League of Legends, given the name of Kai’Sa, is a human trapped in the void according to her lore. Her backstory also says that she barely survived living as a void creature, which made her a half-human and half-void hunter. It also appears that Kai’Sa is conflicted with her personality, compared to other void champions like Kassadin. As she is still part human, her instinct and dialogue are split between the void and the emotions of being a human. It’s an interesting backstory–one that the game hasn’t dipped its toes in yet.

Playstyle and kits

Kai’Sa is a ranged ADC that focuses on strengths in ganking the enemy team to win team fights through her mobility and fast attack speed. Her main features and usage circles around her Plasma system, in which, her passive ability adds stacks to her basic attacks and marks the attacked enemies that eventually bursts with Plasma, dealing damage to the marked unit. This champion can also play the role of a jungler, especially as a ranged champion, Kai’Sa can excel with her passive ability called Second Skin.

Kai’Sa’s abilities

Her first skill, Q key, Icathian Rain releases missiles that target nearby enemies and adds more hots on the same target. Additionally, allies who are nearby Kai’Sa add stacks of Plasma. For her W key, Void Seeker fires a beam of void energy that has the ability to reveal the first enemy hit, dealing magic damage that also stacks Plasma damage. Her E key engages a Supercharger good for initiating and escapes. Once she uses the ability, her movement speed increases as well as her attack speed. Not only that, but her basic attack reduces the ability cooldown. The faster her attack speed, the faster she can use this ability. Finally, her ultimate, Killer Instinct dashes Kai’Sa to a target location near a marked enemy champion with Plasma.

Players and LoL tournaments would have to wait until March 7 until she goes live after Patch 8.5 is released. As meta keeps on changing, do you think Kai’Sa fits the current meta or will she completely bring a diverse meta?

Kyle-Tipify Staff

Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff