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The NA LCS Sunday Matches Now Start At 12 PM PST

Posted 18th February 2018 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    220 Views

The NA LCS Sunday Matches Now Start At 12 PM PST - Tipify

If you’re keeping up with the North American League of Legends Championship Series, you will have to adjust your time for spectating the Sunday matches.

Why did Riot Change the Start Time?

The league is making changes to Sunday’s Week 5 matches, which goes down later today. Riot Games, the game’s developer themselves, revealed that the NA LCS now starts at 12 PM, from the 2 PM current weekly time slot. Riot made this change after “reviewing the amount of community feedback from EU and East Coast viewers.” Apparently, the game developer noticed during the late-Sunday games, the number of viewers dropped significantly due to the viewers’ obligations the next day, whether it be school or day jobs.

Moreso, Riot decided to change the NA LCS Sunday start time since EU LCS begins their own tournament earlier than NA, viewers won’t have the problem of choosing between overlapping league schedules.

The time slot could still return back to the 2 PM slot again as Riot did not close doors on adjusting if the schedule does not work out as expected. From now on, every Sunday, games begin at 12 PM Pacific Time with a countdown that starts at 11:30 PM, so viewers can prepare to watch. Don’t forget to tune in at exactly 12, as the drafting phase for the first match starts immediately, without delays, according to the press release from Riot Games.

Week 5 Sunday Matches and Odds

What are your thoughts on the earlier start of the NA LCS matches? One thing for sure is since the games end earlier than usual, you can place more predictions bets on the late night games, the one that you have probably skipped over the last few weeks. Furthermore, more League action comes your way as Week 5 heats up with the upcoming matches. Here are the scheduled matches today along with the odds provided by NitrogenSports:

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