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Overwatch League Stage 2 Starts Tomorrow

Posted 21st February 2018 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    418 Views

Overwatch League Stage 2 Starts Tomorrow - Tipify

London Spitfire ended Stage 1 of the Overwatch League as the first league champion. More so, OWL does not end here. In fact, it’s only the beginning. Spitfire won $100,000 in the win and are looking to improve their 7-3 win-loss record.

OWL did base its league structure off a traditional sports league, but one of the few things it differs from a usual league is that their season is split into four stages—each with playoffs. Once the season ends, each team’s record matters and defines the league playoffs.

Tomorrow, Stage 2 of the Overwatch League opens and it’s going to be a lot different compared to Stage 1. The most recent patch, the nerf to Mercy, different map list, and roster changes will alter predictions and odds when it comes to OWL. Let’s find out the new things we have to watch out for.

Mercy Meta, Stage 2 says not anymore

Obviously, you know that Mercy received a huge nerf this year, balancing her Resurrection skill that removed her ability to have an extra charge of the skill and reduced the power of Valkyrie. This patch only hits the servers of the League starting at Stage 2, and the Mercy nerf did present a big effect on the amateur games of Overwatch. Apparently, Mercy had dropped its usage rate in matches and most likely, the hero is less likely to see playing time at the pro level. This is the end of the Mercy meta. Some might miss her while some may not.

Changing the map pool

One huge attraction of esports is that it will be ever-changing with balance patches and the like. With this, the map pool used in the league will also change, depending on the meta. This time, for Stage 2, the map pool will have King’s Row, Hollywood, Hanamura, Nepal, Route 66, and Gibraltar. a This is huge blow for the playing teams because all of their strategies and playbooks from Stage 1 will have to be revisited again as it might not coincide with the Stage 2 meta.

Roster changes

The three teams that sit at the bottom of the league standings are the ones who made the most roster moves. Dallas Fuel, Shanghai Dragons, and Florida Mayhem made big pickups and changed their lineup, in hopes to make their run at a better spot in the standings. Here are the moves that they made.

Shanghai Dragons added Korean players, to a Chinese dominant team, and most notably, the first female Overwatch League player, Geguri. Hopefully, visa issues won’t prevent the recent additions to enter the US and keep them from playing in the league.

Florida Mayhem also signed Korean players to their lineup, including Korea’s best hitscan player, Sayaplayer, main tank aWesomeGuy, and flex tank Zappis. Can Florida become a threat in the league and end their tilt with the new players?

Lastly, Fuel nabbed the best Western player, aKm and secured a trade for flex DPS player, Rascal. It seems like Dallas is going for a different strategy, which is perfect entering a new meta, mostly focusing on tanks and supports instead.

Stage 2 Matches and Odds

Stage 1 may change and be different from Stage 2, but it won’t affect betting. Betting on OWL is still the same like it has been before. Here are the first-day matches along with their odds.

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Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff