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Top Esports Events Launches The First Dedicated Esports Apparel

Posted 28th February 2018 By: Derpina    326 Views


H4X.GG lifestyle esports apparel

Moniker, the umbrella for many esports apparel brands unveils its first brand collection called The product launch was made possible with the largest esports company, Electronic Sports League (ESL), and the world’s largest digital festival, DreamHack.

“We are very happy to partner with the first dedicated esports apparel brand designed specifically for fans and players,” said Bernhard Mogk, SVP Global Sales & Business Development at ESL. “We’re incredibly excited to debut the line of performance gear at ESL One Katowice this month and roll out the entire line at future ESL events throughout 2018.”

The brand’s functionality and design were developed by gamers and experts in the esports industry. In fact, the entire collection was spearheaded by ESL founder Jens Hilgers and garment manufacturing expert Jon Wayne Gurman. The line includes casual streetwear and performance wear hoodies, t-shirts, and hats. The materials used, on one hand, have built-in arm pads and special venting, waterproof zippers that can bring comfort to players during long gaming sessions.

All information and actual designs of the brand can be viewed at You can purchase the gear once it becomes available on the website and other official suppliers like ESL One, Intel® Extreme Masters, DreamHack Open, DreamHack Masters and DreamLeague 2018.

The BIG THREE behind H4X.GG


Moniker was founded in 2017 by Gurman who has 35 years experience in the fashion and licensing industry and the BITKRAFT Esports Ventures. It is basically an esports start-up that specializes in apparel merchandise–bringing fashion, lifestyle, and higher technical performance to gaming.


ESL was launched in 2000 as the successor of the Deutsche Clanliga. It is the largest and oldest esports company that organizes online and offline competitions worldwide, partnering with Blizzard Entertainment, Riot Games, Valve Corporation, Microsoft, and Aside from hosting, ESL also provides services in gaming technology, event management, advertising, and television production.


DreamHack offers the world’s largest meeting place for gamers since 1994, with major events held in Europe and North America. DreamHack events are local area network (LAN) gathering with live concerts and competitions in digital art and games, catering to over 300,000 esports enthusiasts, gamers, and fans.


Written by Derpina