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Wednesday Esports Matches Overview

Posted 7th February 2018 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    249 Views

Wednesday Esports Matches Overview - Tipify

Got the midweek blues? You might want to relax and it’s a good thing there are tons of esports matches you can place bets on today. There are regional qualifiers continuing its group stages for CS:GO and DotA2, the Overwatch League Week 5 unravels, and more League action. You’ll find every match that will happen this Wednesday below along with the odds from NitrogenSports.

CS:GO ECS Europe Qualifier

CS:GO Europe Qualifiers

  • North.A vs Frag
  • VEN vs Red
  • KT vs Valiance
  • GA vs Epsilon
  • Tricked vs SNG
  • MNH vs MALCO
  • aTTax vs Windigo

Dota 2 Matches:

Dota 2 Asia Championship NA Qualifier

  • Evil Geniuses (1.143) vs is GG (5.362)
  • Immortals vs OpTic Gaming
  • Team IDC vs 5 Turtles

Dota 2 Asia Championship China Qualifier

Dota 2 Asia Championship Europe Qualifier

Dota 2 Asia Championship SEA Qualifier

joinDOTA League 12 Asia Qualifier

  • RRQ (1.611) vs Execration (2.271)
  • 496 Gaming (1.729) vs Entity Gaming (2.271)

joinDOTA League 12 Europe Qualifier

  • Helsinki REDS (2.281) vs LeftOneTV (1.605)

Overwatch League

League of Legends LCK

  • bbq Olivers (2.162) vs SKT1 (1.668)
  • KT Rolster (2.281) vs ROX Tigers (1.605)

League of Legends LPL

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