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Weekend Esports Tournaments Results

Posted 26th February 2018 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    263 Views

Weekend Esports Tournaments Results - Tipify

Find out the results of the many esports tournaments and qualifiers that happened over the weekend. Tournament favorites head home early while underdogs claimed the title, League of Legends teams got their form back and looked like title contenders again, and the results of Week 1 matches of OWL Stage 2.

mouz for the win

Mousesports is a Europe region team who succumbs to early elimination in tournaments most of the time. But now, they battled heavy hitter teams and claimed their first title of the year after winning the StarSeries i-League Invitational Season 4 this weekend. mouz got into form during the group stage after defeating SK Gaming and Cloud 9, in which they claimed a playoff spot after the elimination round. The European team defeated G2 and Team Liquid to grab a finals spot. They were pitted against Natus Vincere for the StarSeries title. After an overtime comeback in the second map of the series, mouz battled and won the series in the third and final map.

Virtus.Pro grabs Pro Circuit Ranking first spot

VP got back in shape after dismantling Vici Gaming inESL One Katowice 2018. Virtus.Pro now holds the top spot in the Pro Circuit Ranking after winning the major. They brought home a huge chunk of the 750 DPC prize pool, heading to The International 8 with a total of 4950 points.

100 Thieves and TSM get their groove back

In the North American League of Legends Championship Series, 100 Thieves and TSM grabbed back to wins after ending Week 6 with a winning streak. 100 Thieves started the Split with three consecutive wins, but they fell in the standings after a four-game losing streak. Meanwhile, TSM started the Split holding 9th place in the standings. This team is a favorite but has been in a slump since. However, both teams saved their season after their good performance this week.

Overwatch League Stage 2

The second stage of The Overwatch League began this week and we were able to watch top Overwatch teams go head-to-head. Earlier in the week, we saw the Stage 1 finals rematch of Spitfire and Excelsior, and this time, London still walked away with the win. Moreover, the Dragons are yet to claim their first win in the league, but their new additions after the break showed promise and competitiveness.

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