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Weekend Esports Tournaments Results

Posted 5th February 2018 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    253 Views


Weekend Esports Tournaments Results - Tipify

Go over the results of esports tournament and league matches over the weekend wherein the dominant teams seemed to have woken up from their slumber but others, continue faltering.

Team Liquid shows they can still dominate

StarLadder i-League Season 4 capped its minor event with LGD Gaming and Team Liquid facing each other for the number one spot and a bigger share of the tournament’s prize pool. The European team showed their dominance once again after taking down LGD in a best-of-five series, 3-1. Furthermore, not to take anything away from LGD, but the Chinese team swept Newbee in the semi-finals. If you remember last week, Newbee just won ESL One Genting, flaunting the first major tournament win of the year 2018.

World Electronic Sports Games 2018 is set on March

The final game of the qualifying round featured major champions Cloud9 and SK Gaming for the number spot in the Americas region. The series was tied, 1-1, but SK showed their supremacy in the CS:GO scene once again after taking down the NA Major winner in the final map of the series with the score, 16-6.

Get ready for the WESG 2018 at March 12. The major tournament boasts a $1.5 million prize pool split between the top 16 teams. So far, the tournament features the following CS:GO teams: Cloud9, SK Gaming, BIG, MVP PK, Fnatic, and more.

Overwatch League

The final days of Week 4 matches of the Overwatch League were filled with complete domination. The one nail-biter match was between Seoul Dynasty and Houston Outlaws where the Koreans won with a 3-2 lead. Additionally, Shanghai Dragons still are yet to get their first in the league and might have to rethink their stance in the OWL. Lastly, here are the results of the February 2 and 3 matches:

  • SF Shock 4-0 Florida Mayhem
  • Seoul Dynasty 3-2 Houston Outlaws
  • LA Gladiators 0-4 Boston Uprising
  • SH Dragons 0-4 LDN Spitfire
  • DAL Fuel 1-3 NY Excelsior
  • BOS Uprising 4-0 LA Valiant

League of Legends

To summarize Week 3 for the NA LCS, Cloud9 and Echo Fox continue to be the leading teams in the league. Whereas, TSM got back on track and carry a 3-game winning streak. Lastly, Golden Guardians still struggle as they have not won a map in NA LCS.

Switching things over to the LCK, SK Telecom 1 has been the shock of the Korean league. The multiple-time Worlds champions are falling head over heels. Faker and company have lost 5 straight, including a lost against MVP and Afreeca Freecs. What’s happening over at the Korean team?

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Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff