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What Happened To SKT During Their 5-Game Losing Streak?

Posted 11th February 2018 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    294 Views

What Happened To SKT During Their 5-Game Losing Streak? - Tipify

For a while there it looked like SKT was not the multiple-time Worlds champion we’re accustomed to. The Korean team finally broke their five-game losing streak over bbq Olivers, putting the team back on a better win-loss record of 2-5.

SKT’s last win, which was their first, happened during Week 1 against ROX Tigers. After that, everything fell apart after losses against Jin Air, King-Zone, KT Rolster, Kongdoo, and MVP. After that stretch, SKT fell to the 9th spot with just a few games behind of MVP.

After the 2-1 win against bbq Olivers, Faker revealed the team’s struggles during the losing streak in an interview with InvenGlobal. Apparently, the 2017’s Esports Player of the Year lost his confidence and how the continuous losses affected his well-being.

“I think the other players had a hard time too because we haven’t lost so much before. Personally, I also had a hard time, I even lost weight.” Faker said in the interview.

Trouble in the jungle

SKT’s losses came down to mistakes from multiple members of the League of Legends team. Currently, the jungle position for the team is still erratic after Peanut took the position last year. Substitute jungler Blank, even though a veteran player, still cost the team a loss with a crucial mistake against MVP. Their starting jungler and rookie player, Blossom, still makes mistakes but is partly understandable as he is still catching up to the pace of more competitive matches.

Moreover, their first win against ROX, Wolf, regular support player for SKT, played the jungle position, which was a surprising move, but a much-needed one as Wolf led SKT to a narrow win. But of course, the position needs to be filled in by members who specialize in the role. Faker believes in his current team members and that everyone is committed to reflect and improve to bring the team back up again.

SKT faces KZV next

SKT’s next match is against King-Zone, the current number one team in the tournament where they face former jungler, Peanut. This marks another time that Peanut faces SKT in a match, rather than playing for them.

Lastly, here are the match odds, provided by NitrogenSports:

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