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coL Drops Kyle; OG Releases Resolut1on: Find Out What Happened

Posted 20th March 2018 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    308 Views


Esports News – In succeeding days, European and North American Dota 2 teams, OG and compLexity Gaming, had changed their rosters in a big way. As compLexity dropped the face of their franchise, Kyle Freedman, and OG released midlaner, Roman Fomino, what will happen to these Dota 2 teams?

Kyle with coL from the very beginning

Ever since compLexity Gaming opened their doors to the competitive Dota 2 scene, Kyle had been a part of the organization since August 2014. coL recruited Kyle, who then played under the name “swindlemelonzz” in the game Heroes of the Newerth with stayGreen. Freedman became a success in competitive HoN after winning 5 LAN majors in his career. With this, compLexity Gaming built their Dota 2 team around him even if he had never played a single DotA game in his life. But Kyle became a leader in the team where he even sacrificed not only his time but also his money for the organization’s sake. Apparently, when the organization failed to generate enough sponsorship funds for the team and almost dropping the team altogether, Freedman decided to forego to receive his salary in order to keep the team alive.

Additionally, Kyle was dropped by the team due to personality conflicts with the team and the organization’s management. compLexity Gaming failed to make significant success in Dota 2, except made The International once but has not won a LAN event yet.

OG moving on

After a post on their official Facebook page, OG decided to change their roster midway into the Pro Circuit season. But after a rough start entering the year where they won the MDL Macau last December, the rest of the LANs they joined showed mediocre results. They did place top four in Captains Draft 4.0 and The Summit 8, but finished at the eighth place at ESL One Katowice and were eliminated in the group stage of the PGL Bucharest Major. With this, the organization released Resolut1on who was with the team for six months.

Although this huge roster change impacts OG significantly. The EU team, to continue their hopes to compete at The International 8, must have to qualify through the European regional qualifier of the Major. The risk is that the open qualifiers are only a best-of-one match, that eking out a win in the regionals, might not be as secure as they think.

Kyle-Tipify Staff

Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff