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Fnatic Ousts FaZe In Grand Final To Claim IEM Katowice Title

Posted 5th March 2018 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    340 Views

Fnatic Ousts FaZe In Grand Final To Claim IEM Katowice Title - Tipify

Esports News – Fnatic walked away untouched in the IEM World Championship tournament after taking down FaZe Clan in 5 maps with multiple maps going to overtime.

7 hours of playing time and 5 maps were all it took to crown this year’s IEM Katowice champion, Fnatic. The European team was the clear underdogs as the majority of the crowd in the Spodek Arena cheered for FaZe. Although the number one ranked team in the world, FaZe, was the favored winner among esports betting sites for the grand finals match.

Fnatic clearly won IEM

Fnatic had a dominating run in the group stage of the tournament and was keen to hit news headlines. They beat Heroic, 16-9, in their first match. Meanwhile, G2 had a good start against Fnatic in their upper bracket match, but could not keep up after the succeeding matches, giving Fnatic the opportunity with the reverse sweep. The eventual grand finals match witnessed FaZe and Fnatic play for the direct semifinal seat, in which, Fnatic was able to get the win and advance directly to the playoffs.

FaZe still struggling

On the other hand, FaZe had to face Cloud9 and Astralis to claim the finals spot. In fact, FaZe were almost on the brink of elimination during their quarterfinal match against Cloud9. The North American team put FaZe in a pressure cooker during the second map, Cache, where they tore down a 10-5 halftime lead and eventually winning the map with a score of 16-13. Lastly, on the final and deciding map, Inferno, FaZe won the series after a double-overtime push by Cloud9.

During the semifinals against Astralis, FaZe swept through device and company to set up the match against Fnatic.

Fnatic, after their disappointing performance in StarSeries, was a hard pick in the IEM Katowice. But, the European team seemed to be lucky in the Spodek Arena as this is their third IEM title, in which Fnatic is the only CS:GO team to complete such an achievement. After the huge upset against FaZe, they claimed their first major CS:GO tournament in over two years. Moreover, KRIMZ, JW, flusha, Golden, and Lekr0 are back in CS:GO prominence, after beating FaZe twice in this tournament.

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