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Red Bull Partners With Newegg For Largest Esports Studio In London

Posted 19th March 2018 By: Derpina    195 Views

Red Bull Partners With Newegg For Largest Esports Studio - Tipify

Esports News – A cool and innovative gaming studio is paramount to the gaming experience of the players. Research shows that the game itself and the physical environment players are in increases their entertainment and motivational values. As an answer to this proven fact, the Austrian drinking company, Red Bull, announces the opening of their innovative esports studio in Shoreditch, London later this month.

The studio is officially called as Red Bull London Gaming Sphere, and the company claims that this will be the largest esports space in the UK. The actual measurement of the area hasn’t been revealed yet but one thing is for sure: players will feel like they have consumed an entire gallon of Red Bull’s energy drink once they enter the studio.

Despite Red Bull, being an industry giant, it still welcomed a warm partnership with North America’s leading online retailer of computer hardware and electronics, Newegg, to make the launch possible. “Gaming is core to Newegg’s DNA, and we’re excited to partner with Red Bull to support the esports movement in London,” stated Danny Lee, Newegg’s CEO. “The Red Bull Gaming Sphere will give esports fans a place to connect with other like-minded technology enthusiasts around the world and shape the future of esports”, he added.

Building a better esports community

The studio will stand as a multi-purpose facility for UK games and esports communities. It has a modular setup that can be configured any time, depending on the occasion or tournament. Once up, Red Bull London Gaming Sphere will continuously host weekly and monthly esports events. These are not limited to tournaments since the minor goal of the company is to allow engagement between players and fans as often as possible. Casual visitors and professional players will be exposed to one-on-one workshops, meet and greet, and other community events.

Hitting two birds with one stone

Aside from the previous reports, Red Bull and Newegg haven’t really revealed anything related to the launch. There’s still no schedule of events posted anywhere but rest assured further announcements is due on March 21st. While waiting, esports enthusiasts can check out or visit Red Bull’s Tokyo Gaming Sphere in Japan, which was launched last February. Their goal to promote the gaming community is not restrained to one territory, these unique venues in UK and Asia are a home to esports fans, players, and gamblers worldwide.


Written by Derpina