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Shanghai Dragons Head Coach, U4, Quits Team

Posted 7th March 2018 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    406 Views

Shanghai Dragons Head Coach, U4, Quits Team - Tipify

Esports News – Shanghai Dragons’ head coach, Chec “U4” Congshan, steps down from the position after a one-week transition period. Assistant coach, Son “Kong” Jun Young, will take his place as a stand-in coach for the Chinese OWL team.

Controversial head coach

The team announced the personnel change through their official Twitter account but did not state the reason U4 handed over his post. Although, the coach was filled with controversies even before the league started. Back in January, he was fined 60,000 Chinese Yuan—around 9,000 USD—for account sharing and failing to go through the proper communication channels when talking with contracted players.

Shanghai struggles

Shanghai Dragons are the remaining team who has yet to notch a win in the Overwatch League. After a series of losses, fans criticized the head coach for the Chinese team’s performance in the debut league. While rumors circulated that U4 enforced hard practice schedules for the Dragons, which reached up to 15 hours of playing time and training in a single day. This coaching change, along with the addition of new players that includes female player, Geguri, Shanghai hopes to become more competitive and perform better in Stage 2.

Moreover, Dragons’ players, Diya and Fiveking, expressed their thoughts with an apology dedicated to the fans of the team through their Weibo accounts. Both players took responsibility and didn’t blame their head coach. Also, they added that the players in the team “tried their hardest” but admitted that they realized the “difference between them and good Overwatch players”. The Shanghai Dragons are working to become a good team in the league.

Overwatch Week 3 matches

The Dragons open Week 3 of OWL with a match against Seoul Dynasty. Can the Chinese team upset the Dynasty with 12.955 odds? Meanwhile, Seoul is the clear-cut favorite with 1.016 odds.

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