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Shocking Results Of Overwatch League Stage 2, Day 1

Posted 8th March 2018 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    255 Views

Shocking Results Of Overwatch League Stage 2, Day 1 - Tipify

Esports News – Stage 2 of the Overwatch League opened with surprising news. Before the matches started, in which the Dragons was scheduled in the first match of the day, Shanghai lost Diya and not too later, the Spitfire dismissed their head coach. What a way to kick-off Week 3.

Shanghai Dragons continue to struggle

Just a day after Dragons head coach, U4, resigned from his post, Shanghai lost their star DPS player, Diya, due to a “family emergency” which compelled him to return to China for the next two weeks.

Evidently, the situation doesn’t seem to be bright for the Dragons, whose roster is depleted without a coach and their star player. Shanghai has still not won a match in the Overwatch League and their hopes rest on the supposedly new additions to the roster, who are all stuck in their own countries, due to visa issues.

London Spitfire drops head coach

On the other hand, The London Spitfire axed its head coach, Lee “Bishop” Beom-Joon, becoming the second team to lose a head coach in the league. Unlike the Dragons, who haven’t won a match yet, the Spitfire doesn’t have that problem. In fact, they were champions of the Overwatch League stage one. Although London did not divulge the reason behind the firing, the team included their praise for the head coach on their announcement.

“[Lee] was instrumental in the formation of the Spitfire lineup, finding two of the world’s best Overwatch rosters, GC Busan and KongDoo Panthera, and fusing them into a single unit which was crowned Overwatch League stage one champions”. The London Spitfire wrote in the announcement.

OWL match results and upcoming matches

The first day of week 3 can be simplified in one word, sweep when all three of the matches was well-defined with clear victories.

Seoul Dynasty won against Shanghai Dragons, 3-1.

San Francisco shocked the Dallas Fuel, 3-0.

In a battle for Los Angeles City supremacy, the LA Gladiators cut-off the LA Valiant’s wings, 4-0.

Tomorrow’s matches and odds:


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