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Subzero: A New CS:GO Bomb-Defusal Map Launches On March 3rd

Posted 1st March 2018 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    393 Views

Subzero: A New CS:GO Bomb-Defusal Map Launches On March 3 - Tipify

Shawn “FMPONE” Snelling—a popular CS:GO map creator—is known for developing Santorini and co-creating Cache. Like Cache, which made it to competitive CS:GO events, Snelling announced his brand-new creation, Subzero, will be available in the Steam workshop on March 3. Subzero is a bomb-defusal map and it is expected to be added to the maps used in competitive play.

Icy Conditions

The map is very cautious of its surroundings, with the evident warning signs of polar bears and terrorists. Also, set at an arctic base, the temperature is a below-freezing point at -40 degrees Celsius. You can expect the map to be filled with snow residues and with more warning signs scattered across the map. This map will surely bring something new to the world of competitive and casual CS:GO matches.

Tactics and complexity of the map

After being tested by professional players, the map includes many sightlines in corridors. But, it is balanced by open areas where teams can engage in cross-fire. Subzero offers to be versatile, especially to AWP players. Snipers can also shoot through walls and make bullets pass through to hit enemies. This opens up an opportunity for good tactics and can be used by teams to get the upper hand. Furthermore, there are high areas on the map that can be accessed by boosting team members. These high areas provide more sighting and scouting that could lead to better knowledge of enemy positions.

New terrorist models

Since Subzero is set in the Arctic, the terrorists received new outfits, which are a variation of the tan outfit. This time, the terrorists flaunt a snow camouflage outfit with berets that can come in color red or black. Some terrorists wear ski goggles with different colored tints instead of the usual balaclava hiding their faces. Unfortunately, the counter-terrorists in the map will not sport appropriate clothing for the setting. Know more about the map and its features as it officially launches this weekend.

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Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff