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The International 2018 Goes “Subterranean”

Posted 27th March 2018 By: Derpina    461 Views

The International 2018 Goes “Subterranean” - Tipify

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Esports News – Valve recently announced that The International, an annual Dota 2 tournament, takes place in Canada from August 20th to 25th. Surprisingly, that was just a minor part of the good news since it was also revealed that the overall visual appearance of the tournament will center on “Subterranean” theme, with Crystalline Green as the principal color.

This is the first time that The International will be hosted by a country outside the United States. The 19,000-seater Rogers Arena in Vancouver will serve as the temporary home of Dota 2 teams this year. There’s no announcement regarding the number of teams that will be featured in the tournament yet, but it’s possible that the top eight teams from the Pro Circuit rankings will be directly invited and the remaining teams would be chosen through the regional qualifiers in Europe, Southeast Asia, China, South America, North America, and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

A calling for content creators

With the “Subterranean” theme in mind, Valve also invited all aspiring artists and content creators to use their creative juices and wild imagination for The International’s Collector’s Cache on the Steam Community group. All entries must be submitted to the Dota 2 Workshop by May 13th with the tag “Collector’s Cache 2018”.

To illustrate, the cache is a Dota 2 exclusive loot box that carries virtual cosmetic items for heroes. It is only available for those who purchased the tournament’s Battle Pass, but anyone can send their designs to the cache as long as it follows the principal color and main imagery of the theme. The designs, however, are restricted to concepts with blood, human skulls, or gore. Remember that “Subterranean” is a fictionalized genre in adventure and sci-fi fiction that features underground locations, usually at the center of the Earth. It can commonly found in high fantasy stories with complex magic systems (e.g sword and sorcery fiction) and extinct creatures (e.g dinosaurs).

Additionally, the new set of merchandise release for the upcoming tournament is also being planned by Valve’s partners and sponsors. But participants in the cache design can also send their concepts to the workshop with the tag “Merchandise”.

Theme from the previous season

Last year, Dota 2 players and fans dove into an Aquatic theme with green and blue as the main color combinations. All the banners in the arena, maps’ terrains, and live streaming graphics were filled with oceanic vibes. The underwater map, unfortunately, gained backlash from its confusing stages and text-readability issues. Hopefully, this coming theme won’t have the same problems.


Written by Derpina