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Tipify Reaches 3,000 Winning Tips

Posted 16th March 2018 By: Derpina    265 Views

Tipify Reaches 3,000 Winning Tips - Tipify

Esports News – Tipify, home of the best tipsters army for CS:GO, Dota 2, LoL, and Overwatch betting, just reached over 3,000 winning tips from 136 tipsters in the last 180 days. The top global tipsters are ranked by the profit they accumulated over time on the website. The current highest profit tracked by Tipify is +816.49 with a massive hit rate of 83.33%. All thanks to members who joined the still ongoing Daily 0.50 mBTC Free Bet Raffle and Tipster Competition sponsored by Nitrogen Sports.

By these tips, Tipify members can win free bets while predicting match outcomes for the hottest esports tournaments in the world. And while waiting for these generous offers, users can find the latest betting tips, odds, and predictions from professional gamblers with a solid reputation in the esports betting industry. Tipify’s betting advisors make sure that the predictions are close to the results, whether it’s a League of Legends World Championship or CS:GO ELEAGUE.

Above all, the community of tipsters in Tipify is trusted by esports giants. Once you leave a tip, expect massive winnings and prizes to come your way. Join the army now and start betting like a pro by joining our tipster competitions or by becoming an actual tipster. You’re only one step away from success!

Become a tipster

Become a tipster in three easy steps: Open a match page, login, and leave a tip. The dedicated esports pages of Tipify are on its homepage. All you have to do is click the ‘Call it’ or ‘View’ button on the latest match of your own choosing and the ‘Leave a tip’ section will pop out on the page below.

Join the latest Tipster Competition

In light of the rising number of esports fans and bettors, Tipify launched its very own bet tracking or tipster functionality tool to track all bets made by users. With this way, bettors can receive more accurate and better styles and strategies from all esports matches available. To enter, login or sign-up to Tipify and use the bet tracker to track your bets. The top 3 tipsters on the ranking who got the biggest amount of profit win the prizes.


Written by Derpina