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Up Your Dota 2 Game With The New Dota Plus

Posted 15th March 2018 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    288 Views

Up Your Dota 2 Game With The New Dota Plus - Tipify

Esports News – Valve recently released Dota Plus, which is a new subscription-based service that helps players get the most out of playing Dota 2. Dota Plus brings enhanced statistics, a Hero Levelling System, the return of the Battle Cup, and much more that players can add to their gaming experience that provides assistance.

Valve’s announcement said that the subscription for Plus begins at $3.99 a month along with a 6-month to a one-year discount package. Also, these can be gifted to another player. Plus replaces the Battle Pass but with more features that include the old Battle Pass qualities like Seasonal Terrain, hero-specific missions, and the Battle Cup.

What do you get with Dota Plus?

To clarify, Dota 2 will remain free-to-play. But, if a player wants to go in-depth into the game’s analytics and intricacies, Dota Plus can provide these services.

The Hero Levelling provides a way for players to create progress every match when they earn Shards–a currency used to purchase or unlock rewards in-game. There are new Challenges that can be completed with a brand new set difficulty levels using the many Dota 2 heroes. The Plus Assistant also offers more build options for players based on data from recent games in every skill bracket, making sure that the suggested builds stay current in the changing meta. Finally, with graphs and tools that can be viewed during and after the match, you can study and develop your playing style. The specific tools and suggestions in the Dota Plus assistance are hero pick, lane suggestions, a death summary that tells players what they did in the play, and lastly, a real-time in-game comparative tool.

Players’ reaction to Dota Plus

After the launch of Dota Plus, the community has been split in how they received the new tool that Valve offers. Some think that the Plus is a “pay-to-win” scheme and that the advantages it brings to the game seem too overpowered. On the other hand, players perceived Plus as a way for players to be better and in turn, the games become more competitive because of the tools and analytics it brings. Nonetheless, Dota Plus isn’t going away just yet. Looks like it’s not only the Dota 2 tournament circle who’s in for a treat early in the year.

Kyle-Tipify Staff

Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff