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What Is Happening To SK Gaming?

Posted 4th March 2018 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    535 Views

What Is Happening To SK Gaming? - Tipify

Is SK Gaming, 2017’s number one ranked team, doing okay? After dominating pretty much the entire 2017 with 8 tournament wins, the Brazilian CS:GO team doesn’t look like the team they were last year. So far, two months into 2018, there were 4 tournaments held: ELEAGUE Major, cs_summit 2, StarSeries Season 4, and IEM Katowice. In these tournaments, we witnessed SK falter. The best they placed was advancing to a semi-final stage of ELEAGUE and cs_summit 2. Meanwhile, their IEM Katowice performance was not enough to take down other CS: GO giants as they head home early and were unable to grab a playoff spot against Cloud9. Will this open and shift the dynamics of top CS:GO teams?

Is SK underperforming or are other CS :GO teams getting better?

It is true that it may not be entirely SK’s fault that they are underperforming and failing to meet expectations in the recent tournaments. Other teams are actually shifting and becoming better. Cloud9, for example, did not win NA’s first major championship by luck. They performed and outdone their opponents to claim the championship at ELEAGUE Major.

Furthermore, eventual StarSeries champion, mousesports went on a surge after they defeated SK in the group stage of the tournament. mouz pushed on and defeated G2, Liquid, and Na’Vi to claim the win at StarSeries.

This time, at IEM Katowice, SK lost against Astralis and were immediately sent to the loser’s bracket where they had to defeat Gambit to set-up the elimination match against Cloud9. SK controlled the series, but lost because of crucial mistakes and eventually lost their lead. Cloud9 claimed the quarterfinal spot against FaZe. Lastly, the surprising team in the tournament, Ninjas in Pyjamas, are in form, as they entered the playoffs.

End of an era

The last time we saw a dominating SK Gaming was when they demolished FaZe in EPL Season 6 last year. It is unfortunate for an organization to falter, especially when they have some of the best players in the world, including coldzera, rain, karrigan, TACO, boltz, and fer. On the other hand, it was reported that the five Brazilians are not extending their contracts with SK. Will this spell the end the SK Gaming era on CS:GO.

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