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G2 Esports Enters Exclusive Partnership With Twitch

Posted 5th April 2018 By: Derpina    373 Views

G2 Esports Enters Exclusive Partnership With Twitch - Tipify

Esports News – The world premier esports organization, G2 Esports, has recently announced its exclusive partnership with Twitch, the most popular live streaming platform today. The two entered a multi-year contract to for esports live streams, video premieres, and live interactiwatons with audiences.

It is reported that the organization had a non-exclusive partnership deal with Facebook, but some fans and audiences strongly stated that the social media is not reliable in terms of speed and accessibility. Therefore, as a sole live-streaming platform, Twitch will now provide all broadcasts for G2 Esports. All original and special contents will feature G2 Esports professional teams and players exclusively, they will appear on the content as either hosts or guests.

This move might be a stepping stone in building a better community for esports players and fans. For the same reason, Twitch’s CEO Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez, shared his deepest gratitude regarding the partnership by saying: “Throughout the years, Twitch has become the epitome of entertainment, reflecting a passion for video games and providing a window into how esports pros play with a great community overall. Many probably still remember my streaming days and now that I’m back at it on a regular basis, I can’t imagine doing it for any other service but Twitch.”

Twitch’s edge

G2 Esports is not the only organization that trusted Twitch. Other esports organizations with similar exclusive contracts with Twitch include Team Liquid Database Link, OpTic Gaming Database Link, Schalke 04 Esports Database Link, and North Database Link. This is not surprising since Twitch’s January 2018 viewership already rivaled major cable channels like CNN and MSNBC; it only proves that watching esports is becoming more in demand than mainstream cable television broadcast.

Twitch hit an overall average of 962,000 viewership last January. Take the case of ELEAGUE Boston Major with a total viewership of 1.1 million, the conclusion to the CS:GO tournament between Cloud 9 and Faze teams that set the record for the most-watched single Twitch Channel.

Special contents

Aside from live streamings, the global community will also be able to watch the new G2 Esports podcast, as well as special contents like behind-the-scenes (BTS) videos and joint real-life activities of professional players. These additional exclusive contents will not only entertain home viewers but also engage live audiences.


Written by Derpina