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Insights From Esports’ First Executive Search Consultant

Posted 7th April 2018 By: Derpina    255 Views

Insights From Esports' First Executive Search Consultant - Tipify

Esports News – The esports industry is at the peak of its success this 2018. Major championships grant million-dollar prize pools, franchisers and sponsors host extravagant esports events, and esports live-streaming services rival the viewership of mainstream television channels like CNN. But according to experts, the business and community of competitive gaming are still far away from dominating the world. There are many factors to consider, but the stepping stone should start from its players and teams.

The idea of driving players to secure their future in the competitive gaming industry are the worlds of the first esports’ Executive Search Consultant, Joe Hills. He might sound familiar for esports fans since he is also the founder of Looking For Group (LFG), an organization dedicated to esports’ events production, sales and marketing, business strategy, and project management. Hills and his company are trusted by game developers and organizers like Riot Games and Electronic Sports League (ESL). It is then safe to say that Hills is entitled to critic the players and has the right to own the new title given to him.

From current to future generation

Hills remind all players to ‘invest in their future if they want a guaranteed spot in the future’. Players, especially newbies coming from the grass-roots levels, should focus on their talents and skills. According to him, the two main solutions are building academy teams and creating unique identities.

Hills is happy to know that more esports teams are starting to build academies that can nurture the talent of young players who wish to enter the path of professional gaming. Like actual schools and universities, academy teams will serve as a disciplinary tool for new and seasoned esports teams. Hills also noted that winning teams who have competed in tournaments like Overwatch League and LoL World Championship should remember that their jobs not only include winning gigantic trophies and massive prize pools, they also need to teach the future generation.

As for finding unique identities, Hills think that players should not only compete for sponsors and prize pools, they also need to build actual stories and attract audiences. He stated, without reservation: “You can even say some well-established teams who have been around for a long time, their fan-base is massive and they’ve won massive tournaments. With Cloud9 and Fnatic, I’m not so sure what their unique selling point is. The franchised teams aren’t going anywhere so to actually stay relevant, they have to fight for fan attention and tell them what unique story they’re buying into – that’s a really exciting opportunity.”


Written by Derpina