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Luminosity Turns Down ESL One Belo Horizonte

Posted 25th April 2018 By: Derpina    219 Views

Luminosity Turns Down ESL One Belo Horizonte - Tipify

Esports News – Luminosity is indeed the topic of all things esports this week. It was recently revealed by ESPN Esports Brazil and other esports organizers that Luminosity Gaming was invited to take part in four of the biggest esports events this year. Sadly, the team weighed their options and decided to skip the South American closed qualifier for ESL One Belo Horizonte to focus on more crucial events.

Top Rifler and AWper of the team, Gustavo “SHOOWTiME” Gonçalves, had confirmed the news online. He clarified that Luminosity would not be competing in the online qualifier as the team and its handlers had decided to not send their players to Brazil so that they could focus on ESL Pro League, Esports Champion Series, and the StarSeries i-League S5 North American closed qualifier. Disappointment flooded the teams VNS Sushi Rão, Wild Gaming, and INTZ esports club since they were already preparing to fight for Luminosity’s spot in the closed qualifier.

For now, the team’s newest recruit, Lucas “steel” Lopes from Team Liquid and coach Rafael “zakk” Fernandes from Immortals, will remain in Brazil to play the first two matches of the qualifier before traveling back to the United States. The rest of the players are in the US already to focus on their other three tournaments.

The change in the list only means that eight teams will take part in the closed qualifier from April 24 to May 9. Luminosity will compete against C4 in the first round of the double-elimination bracket. They will not be moving on to best-of-threes (BO3) and the grand final anymore. The remaining players that Luminosity left behind takes a portion of the $200,000 prize pool, and one of them crowned the winner of ESL One Belo Horizonte.

Current list of qualified teams:

  • Brazil Não Tem Como
  • Brazil Luminosity
  • Argentina Isurus Gaming
  • Brazil FURIA Esports
  • Brazil YeaH!
  • Brazil Virtue
  • Brazil C4
  • Brazil Sharks Esports

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Luminosity might not be grazing the Brazil arena this year, but expect to see them next in StarSeries i-League S5 North America Closed Qualifier together with NRG, Swole Patrol, Rogue, Renegades, eUnited, Optic Gaming, and Complexity. The entire event features 16 teams in total and the current teams with secured slots were the previous seasons’ winners, mousesports, and Hell Raisers.


Written by Derpina