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Overwatch Showcases New Maps, Character Features & More

Posted 28th April 2018 By: Derpina    293 Views

Overwatch Showcases New Maps, Character Features & More - Tipify

Esports News – Aside from the League, gamers and die-hard fans must anticipate new and overflowing Overwatch updates every now and then. This week’s catch is Blizzard’s patch on its public test realm that features a new escort map, nerfs for the heroes, and general system fixes.

The new Overwatch update 2018 map to be added to the actual game is Rialto, there are no hints yet if it would also be added to Overwatch League but the fans have high hopes. Rialto is based in Italy and according to Blizzard, this is the actual description of the map:

“Rialto was home to Talon agent Antonio Bartalotti’s sprawling estate and the backdrop to the infamous “Venice Incident,” a turning point for Overwatch and Talon. The Italian government has taken great steps to preserve Venice, and the results are striking. Tourists visiting this picturesque town can sample the regional cuisine, enjoy a relaxing gondola ride, visit Galleria D’arte Omnica, or simply take in the sights with a stroll along the canal.”

The new changes will mostly affect the heroes Tracer and Brigitte. One good news for non-Tracer users is that her pulse bomb damage has been decreased from 400 to 300, players who get hit can still get away with low health. Blizzard considered the unfair advantage of Tracer when taking down big tanks—a pulse bomb can easily target an object with a size that big. For Brigitte, her Shield Bash cone angle has been reduced from 90 to 60 degrees after some players protested that their heroes still get hit even at a considerable amount of distance.

Other hero nerfs

Genji – Deflect hitbox size had been reduced.

Hanzo – The Storm Bow’s projectile speed was increased from 85 to 100, but the Sonic Arrow’s undergone more changes: cooldown was decreased from 20 to 12 seconds, duration decreased from 10 to 6 seconds, and radius decreased from 10 to 7 meters. Players can now use a “Lunge” feature by pressing jump while in the air to leap horizontally. Most importantly, the Scatter Arrow is out, and the “Storm Arrows” are in. Hanzo can now fire a maximum of 6 arrows.

Junkrat – Frag Launcher’s projectile size was decreased from 0.3 to 0.2, and RIP-Tire’s movement speed decreased from 13 to 12.

Lucio – Wall rides are now less likely to be interrupted along a single surface. Players can now go around any order without having to leave the wall and land back on the same wall after leaping away if Lucio jumps far enough from the jumping off point. However, the movement speed bonus when leaping off walls was decreased from 2.5 to 2.0 meters per second to add a minimum time for players to hold the jump key before Lucio ride around the corners.


Written by Derpina