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Splyce Leaves The CS:GO Scene Behind

Posted 30th April 2018 By: Derpina    158 Views

Splyce Leaves The CS:GO Scene Behind - Tipify

Esports News – After three years of thrilling competitions as terrorists and counter-terrorists, North American esports team Splyce says goodbye to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene to focus on EU LCS partnership, Rocket League, and other pressing matters.

This step back has confirmed by the organization’s CEO Marty “Lazerchicken” Strenczewilk on his twitter account. He posted a 5-minute video containing the message: “What we wanna be able to do is say, if we’re tapping into those games, we’re talking about the absolute maximum we could be…We’re putting all the resources in where we should be, performing at the level we want to be. Getting that level of growth of brand in social and power, within the ecosystem of that game, all those things happening, and we can say that we’re not doing what we want to be across all our titles right now.”

Just like other esports teams, Splyce had a hard time balancing the volume of ongoing competitions and esports games. With hundreds of games and millions of prize pools involved, professional teams have been juggling meetings and practices to meet the tournaments’ schedules on time. As far as the fans can remember, Splyce has been involved in the CS:GO scene since October 2015, but they had been competing as Follow Esports back then when the company operated as a directory of live streams.

Ups and downs

Regardless of the re-branding, Splyce is known for allocating teams to compete in CS:GO, Call of Duty, League of Legends, Hearthstone, Overwatch, Smite, and World of Warcraft. They are notable for winning the ZOTAC 10 Year Anniversary World Cup and EU Regional Finals 2016. But other than that, the team had been struggling to dominate CS:GO tournaments. Their appearance at the MLG Columbus Major when they replaced TheMongolZ at the offline qualifier might be their biggest break yet, but the team still finished as a runner-up in the grand finals.

At this moment, it remains unclear whether Splyce will compete again in CS:GO events when the calling comes again. What’s clear is that Lazerchicken gave an indefinite statement regarding the farewell. With the Pro League relegation stage fast approaching, Splyce is now ready to allocate their resources to one of the biggest tournaments one last time.

Splyce’s roster looks as follows:

  • United States Taylor “Drone” Johnson
  • United States Stephen “reltuC” Cutler
  • Canada David “DAVEY” Stafford
  • Canada Kory “SEMPHIS” Friesen
  • United States Zack “XotiC” Elshani

United States Zachary “Eley” Stauffer (coach)


Written by Derpina