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AFL partners With Riot Games To Bring LoL Tournament In Melbourne

Posted 11th May 2018 By: Derpina    186 Views

AFL partners With Riot Games To Bring Melbourne LoL Tournament - Tipify

Esports News – It seems like esports has sparked the interest of several sports leagues this 2018. Some organizations do sponsorships, some athletes invest, and some celebrities play competitive gaming for fun. But this May, the Australian Football League (AFL) partners with Riot Games to bring an entire League of Legends competition to Melbourne in November.

The venue and the date will be confirmed in the next few weeks, but the organizers have been considering using the Etihad Stadium. The tournament will feature the theme and formula of League of Legends: League of Origin, and features players from the Oceanic Pro League (OPL) drafted to represent their home states. All teams are to compete against one another in an all-star style event where they will step outside their regular season LoL teams.

Darren Birch, AFL General Manager for Growth, Digital and Audience stated that this partnership will bring a new audience to the AFL community and serves as a favorable occasion to attract a new wave of fans. According to him, “Esports is one of the most exciting emerging industries to come in and disrupt the traditional sports landscape. Riot is a respected and credible leader in this space, and this event will be a great opportunity to continue together on that path. We will bring our expertise and insight to the competition, giving all-star players an opportunity to play with different teams, play in a different tournament structure and in a completely different venue environment.”

Moving together, AFL and Riot Games not only ensures the success of esports by simply conducting a tournament. The two will also work on developing a purpose-built esports studio in Melbourne. This bold move indicates the beginning of an exciting era for the two major sports and esports leaders, and this event has the potential to be one of the biggest matches in Australian esports history.

League of Legends: League of Origin

LoL: League of Origin aims to determine the best region among the teams representing an array of home states from Oceania: Australia, New Zealand, New South Wales, and Victoria. More commonly known as the OPL, this region vs. region showdown was inspired by the State of Origin annual rugby league series.


Written by Derpina