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Dara Retires From LoL After Distressing Experience in Japan

Posted 12th May 2018 By: Derpina    202 Views

Dara Retires From LoL After Distressing Experience in Japan - Tipify

Esports News – Most retirements are always bittersweet, but not in the case of South Korean League of Legends player Jeon “Dara” Jeong-hoon. Accordingly, he will leave professional gaming and the LoL scene due to incidents that happened regarding his foreigner resident card and previous team, Pentagram.

Before retiring, Dara recently played for SCARZ Burning Core, but before that, he was a full member of another Japanese team. He recently confirmed that his old team Pentagram, formerly known as Rampage, violated the LJL’s rules against moral conduct and forcefully took and kept his personal documents from him after he and Lee “Tussle” Moon-yong left the team last November. Tussle now plays for Unsold Stuff Gaming, but it seems like he and Dara still have connections with Pentagram.

Issues and complaints

Dara and Tussle are both South Koreans residing in Japan for the LJL tournament. It is known that all foreign residents in Japan are required to carry their passports or resident cards at all times and must show them should any police officer request to see it. The Immigration Bureau of Japan strictly implements the rule that a foreigner may be punished with a fine not exceeding 200,000 yen if he or she fails or refuses to present the cards. Moreover, he or she may also be punished with imprisonment for not more than a year.

Dara wasn’t asked by police officers to show his resident card, fortunately. But he and Tussle received verbal warnings for not carrying the said documents. According to several reports and Dara’s own words, the Pentagram management allegedly took the resident cards and threatened them. Fujita Takuya, a member of the organization, was heard saying “If you don’t leave your card here, you can’t leave the team. The residence card is the property of the team.”

Pentagram, however, claims that the incident was only a miscommunication. The team was actually holding onto their cards while waiting for the immigration’s guidelines. Nevertheless, Dara and Tussle stood with their recollection of what really happened and left the team.

It was a truly frightening experience, according to Dara. He even tweeted “My spirit is broken. I am returning to South Korea” once the announcement was made public. He then deeply apologized to his esports fans and thanked SCARZ Burning Core for the opportunity given to him.


Written by Derpina