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IEM Sydney 2018 Upper & Lower-Bracket Final

Posted 3rd May 2018 By: Derpina    162 Views

IEM Sydney 2018 Upper & Lower-Bracket Final - Tipify

Esports News – The Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) Sydney 2018 is officially here and we all know you’ve been dying to find all the vital information regarding the event. To address that, here’s everything you need to follow and digest from May 3rd to 6th.

Tournament format

The popular first-person shooter video game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is always the highlight of IEM. But this year, 16 CS:GO teams will compete for the increased prize pool of $250,000 USD and a slot for the Intel Grand Slam Season 1. All this and more are happening now at Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney, Australia.

May 1st to 3rd saw teams compete in the Group Stage. There are two double-elimination formats (GSL) and each group has 8 teams. Take note that teams will be seeded based on the ESL CS:GO World Rankings. The initial matches followed a best-of-one (BO1) format, and the succeeding ones are in BO3 formats. The top three from each group will advance to the playoffs: the group stage winner will advance to the semifinals, the runner-ups will advance to the quarterfinals as the High Seeds, and the 3rd place will advance to the quarterfinals as the Low Seeds.

From May 4th to 6th, the teams will compete in the Playoffs and the leading teams face each other in a single-elimination bracket. The quarterfinal and the semifinal will have BO3 matches, while the grand final follows a BO5 format.

Viewer’s guide

Thursday, May 3

17:00 Group B lower-bracket final
17:00 Group B upper-bracket final

Friday, May 4

13:00 Quarter-final #1
17:00 Quarter-final #2

Saturday, May 5

13:00 Semi-final #1
17:00 Semi-final #2

Sunday, May 6

13:00 Grand final


Written by Derpina