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Fight as Five And Win As One In League Of Legends: Clash

Posted 27th May 2018 By: Derpina    925 Views

Fight As Five And Win As One In League Of Legends: Clash - Tipify

Esports News – Riot has been doing LoL World Championships since 2011, but they want to continue to bring more thrilling and out-of-the-box tournaments to everyone. This week, the biggest and long-awaited tournament mode arrives to invite hyper-competitive group of friends in an amateur top-tier game leading to high profile professional leagues: The League of Legends Clash.

Tournament mode

Clash is LoL’s new tournament mode that features a high-stakes competition series allowing amateur players to play competitively no matter the skill level. You can take on the best players in your region or across the globe and earn exclusive rewards as the game progresses. Each tournament lasts three consecutive days and will continuously run every two weeks.

One player is required to create a team in the “Clash” tab next to the Home, Profile, and Collection links. A selection of standard team logos will appear and you can customize it while creating a name for your team’s identity. After that, you must invite four more friends to rally alongside your banner. Each player must have a rank in Summoner’s Rift and must at least achieved an Honor Level 2 standing to enter Clash. All players’ skill levels are combined and you will all function as a team. There will be a tier determining your standings, and a higher ranked player may pull up the entire group’s rank. The higher your rank in the tier is, the more likely you face opponents in the big leagues.

Before Clash begins, your team has thirty minutes to finalize everything and lock-in. If one or more players fail to lock-in, you lose your spot in the tournament. The scouting phase begins after the lock-in and a chart showing other team’s status, champions, and rankings will appear alongside yours. The trick is to immediately start planning what to do with this information as they can also see your secrets. Luckily for you, all the LoL champions are unlocked and are at your disposal.

Days of the competition

Day 1 Clash showcases 4-team bracket in the same tier. You will be placed in a bracket containing teams with the same rank as yours. If you successfully defeated all teams in that bracket, your team advances to Day 2’s 8-team bracket. Succeeding that, champions of Day 2 will complete in Day 3’s 16 team bracket for the most-coveted Clash Championship trophy.


Written by Derpina