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Major CS:GO Updates: Maps & New Gameplay Features Now Live

Posted 26th May 2018 By: Derpina    203 Views

Major CS:GO Updates: Maps & New Gameplay Features Now Live - Tipify

Esports News – New CS:GO updates hit the Beta shelves this week. Significant changes to Nuke map and a new type of Neck Hitbox are now live under the Beta version of the game, the most recent patch.

The new hitbox for characters’ necks now count bullets that penetrate the neck into the head as headshots. Players can now easily detect if the attacks from behind will result to headshots. On another note, the most important changes on Nuke have been dedicated solely for Shortnuke. The notorious and bothersome “toxic room” was completely removed and the vent opening into the B bombsite now extends towards the stairs near double-doors.

Other major changes for the game is as follows:


  • The logic bomb code will now run every tick of the timer when it is nearly exploding or being defused. A close defuse will now completely prevent the bomb from exploding.
  • If the bomb happens to explode and defuse simultaneously, it will only be considered defused.
  • CS:GO Prime accounts who enter matchmaking with other prime accounts whose “trust factor” may impact the matchmaking experience will now be alerted with a warning.


  • General adjustments to the game’s ambient sounds include better reverb effects that can clearly reflect surrounding map geometry.
  • Small mix adjustments include better vent destruction sounds and improved audible distance
  • The “use” key is now fixed and can be used to easily pick up weapons on the ground. The active weapon will remain on the character’s hand even if a replacement weapon is also available.


  • For Nuke map, there will be optimizations for low settings and blocked visibility between silos inside A site. The ported over Shortnuke gameplay involved the following changes: removal of toxic room, changes in the vent opening, a new location for B site’s corner boxes to prevent headshot angle towards the ramp, an additional solid background to yellow crane inside B site, and smoothed out some player movement
  • For Overpass map, there will be lower volume range of ambient sounds and additional grenade and player collision to the fence cage near construction. Withal, the spooky shadow fading in when approaching T main entrance to B site is completely removed.


Written by Derpina